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Conga CLM vs Ironclad: which solution reigns supreme? 

See the differences between Conga CLM and Ironclad to choose the best contract management software for your business needs.

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Conga CLM is a robust contract lifecycle management solution built to automate highly complex contracting processes that span geographies, departments, and across contract needs.

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Contract generation and negotiation in Microsoft Word

Work on your contracts in the tools you use every day. With Conga CLM, all aspects of the contract generation and negotiation take place inside Microsoft Word and Office 365, including template configuration, access to your clause library, real-time negotiation, and data and risk extraction review.  

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Advanced search and approvals

With Conga CLM, create the approval processes that make sense for your business while providing users the flexibility to adjust as needed without slowing down the review process. Benefit from ad hoc, delegation, and approval group functionality, as well as a robust natural language search engine that searches within documents, records, and clause data to save valuable time in finding the information you need, no matter how complex the search.  

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Ready to eliminate manual, disjointed contract processes? Conga CLM is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution that delivers high quality experiences. From request to amendment and renewal, Conga CLM’s self-service and workflow automation allows you to automate every step of your contract lifecycle.