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Unlock predictable revenue with Conga CPQ 

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Scale business and achieve predictable revenue with the right configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution 

In this download, we'll cover:

Understanding your revenue lifecycle
Why predictable revenue is important
Enforcing predictable revenue with CPQ


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For organizations looking to gain insights into their revenue lifecycle, a CPQ system integration can create automated, streamlined processes that minimize manual errors, improve inter-team communication, and optimize the customer experience. All these benefits provided by a CPQ solution can set an organization up with one of the most sought-after superpowers in business-to-business (B2B) sales—predictable revenue.  

Why predictable revenue is important 

CPQ solution suites are among the fastest-growing B2B sales applications on the market for businesses looking to align their operations with their revenue growth goals.  

When you understand the growth trajectory of your business, you can comfortably take on investments like additional employees, systems, tools, and investments in products. But you need to know what margins you’re working with. That’s what CPQ is for.   

The benefits of CPQ 

CPQ can change the way you do business and unlock a predictable revenue model. With the right CPQ tool, you can expect a better understanding of your pipeline and higher forecast accuracy.  

Have the data you need to set meaningful, achievable targets for product-specific pipelines and bookings. With a Conga CPQ, you can:  

  • Set revenue targets each year and achieve them within a narrow margin of error.    
  • Determine that each year’s growth rate will increase by a specific percentage, continually stretching capabilities.  
  • Create consistency for customers with steady pricing at different points of engagement.  

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