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Upping your CLM game is no longer a choice—it’s a necessity

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Amy Bartner
Content Writer Conga
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We’re about to throw the obvious “a lot has changed this year” line at you again. But bear with us: this time, we’re talking about more than the big events happening on our planet. 

Instead, we’re asking you to look at the micro-changes you might’ve made that aren’t quite as conspicuous as, say, a pandemic. Take, for instance, our growing dependence on our 100 percent cotton sweatpants concealed just out of Zoom’s view (and the cushy slippers, too). #elasticwaistbands4lyfe

Or, maybe you used to frequent the fair trade coffee shop on the corner on your way to work, but no longer are you quite as free to literally rub shoulders in close proximity as you wait. Did you learn how to make your regular flat white order at home, or are you tolerating the drip coffee machine?

What about your gym membership? Sure, some are open, but with all the cleanliness regulations, it’s just not the same. Did you make a big fitness equipment purchase during quarantine you otherwise would’ve left as a long-term savings goal?

Sweatpants, at-home lattes, and treadmills once were “someday” luxuries. They were once nice to have. Now, depending on who you ask, all three are work-from-home necessities. So we change, we adapt, and we adjust our actions for our new remote lifestyle.

This new lifestyle, too, means you can’t easily thumb through manila envelopes in the office filing cabinet, searching for that contract from July 2016. Even more, you can’t search through multiple contracts to look for the appropriate—and approved—legal language to use in an upcoming contract.

Distance from both coworkers and customers also means you can’t walk over to someone’s desk to find out where the contract is in the negotiation process or to ensure you’re even using the most current version. In fact, you might not even be able to locate the physical hard paper copy of said contract.

We wince at the thought of what this could mean for certain pieces falling through the cracks, or the opportunity for human error. That’s why contract management has gone from a “maybe someday…” on your wishlist to “today is the day, and it’s no longer an option—it’s a necessity.”

So if a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution has been on your organization’s digital transformation roadmap at some point, but you’ve been holding off, there’s more than enough reason to explore Conga’s CLM solutions. Here are three.

1. Speed up the contract lifecycle

With Conga CLM, you’ll have the ability to negotiate efficiently and get to the agreement quickly, transparently, and accurately. Draft contracts easily from pre-approved and legally binding templates, and pass them seamlessly and electronically between parties—all with visibility and tracking.

2. Search for anything easily

Those filing cabinets? They become obsolete with our accessible clause library and easy-to-search contract cloud storage. “Command F” your way to existing approved language or search through your entire repository of documents, all without ever getting another paper cut. The cabinets make great tables to rest the coffee you just learned to make, though.

3. Eliminate errors

Manual paperwork and the physical exchange of documents makes a friendly environment for human error. With Conga’s clause library, you can rest assured that every piece of language on every contract is correct and pre-approved by your legal team. That means sales teams can manage the entire lifecycle on their own, quickly—freeing them up to sell more.

Take Conga CLM solutions off your “maybe someday…” list

The contract process is complex, but it doesn’t have to be painful. So maybe it’s time to digitize your workflows. From requesting and generating contracts, to using appropriate and accurate legal language, to a highly transparent negotiation process, and, finally, to getting that signature, Conga’s solutions are here for you.

Which brings us to: we could convince you that you need Conga’s CLM solutions, but can you convince us that you don’t? 

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