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Simplify your sales process with easy contract creation in Salesforce 

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David Giller
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Automating contract creation in Salesforce: how to choose a tool that makes it easy 

Are you a Salesforce Admin looking for the best document-generation solution? There are many details to consider when choosing a tool that meets your needs, from features to pricing. It can be challenging to determine which platform best suits your organization's needs without evaluating different market options. 

Let’s explore critical features you should look for while selecting a document generation solution for Salesforce. We'll break down the benefits of each one in detail so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you and help streamline your processes in no time! 

Is it easy to use?  

Ease of use is critical when choosing a document generation solution for Salesforce. An easy-to-use platform benefits companies by allowing users to quickly and easily create documents, reducing the time spent (and money spent) creating documents. Additionally, an easy-to-use document generation solution will minimize user frustration and make creating documents more straightforward and faster. 

The benefits of an easy-to-use document generation solution include the following: 

  • reduced long-term cost savings, 
  • improved employee productivity, and  
  • increased customer satisfaction.  

First, when employees can quickly generate documents with minimal effort, it reduces the time they spend completing paperwork and other tasks related to generating documents. This can lead to cost savings from fewer resources required for document management.  

 Second, employees who can access an intuitive document generation solution will be more productive due to spending less time on tedious administrative tasks associated with document creation.  

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 Introducing a document creation solution leads to higher employee satisfaction as the staff can focus their energy on more meaningful work instead of spending hours figuring out how a complicated system works.  

Finally, customers benefit from an easy-to-use document generation solution because their orders or requests can be processed faster than if a cumbersome system was used. This leads to better customer service experiences and higher customer loyalty and retention.  

It’s clear then that having an easy-to-use document generation solution is critical for organizations using Salesforce software solutions to experience long-term benefits such as cost savings, improved team productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Companies should ensure that whatever solution they choose includes all the features necessary for desired results while still being intuitive enough so that staff members can quickly learn how it works without needing extensive training sessions or tutorials. 

Are there templates ready to go? 

Having reusable templates is a critical feature to look for when choosing a document generation solution for Salesforce because it enables businesses to quickly create custom documents without starting from scratch. Templates provide an easy way to customize content while ensuring a professional and consistent look throughout the document. This saves companies time and money, as they don't need to hire outside consultants or spend hours designing the layout manually. Additionally, templates compatible with Salesforce allow businesses to quickly draw data from Salesforce fields so that information can be accurately populated into the document. This minimizes errors and simplifies the process of generating documents, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.  

Using reusable templates also allows businesses to create documents quickly and efficiently, as many formatting decisions have already been made beforehand. For example, pre-defined fonts, margins, page numbering, images, and other elements can be used in a template so that all documents created using it will have the same formatting. This ensures consistency across all documents generated within an organization. 

Furthermore, since most document generation solutions are cloud-based, templates can be accessed anywhere at any time, making them easier to use than static Word/Excel documents stored locally on your computer or server. 

Moreover, reusable templates enable businesses to adhere to their corporate branding guidelines by allowing them to customize content while maintaining a professional appearance throughout their documents. For instance, businesses can include their logo, contact information, or other brand elements in their template designs. By using such templates regularly, businesses can ensure that all future documents created will have the same consistent look and feel as those previously generated.  

Overall, having reusable templates as part of a document generation solution for Salesforce is essential for any business looking to streamline its workflow and cut costs associated with creating custom documents from scratch. 

The benefit of having this feature included in a document generation solution is immense; it allows companies access to powerful tools that help them generate high-quality documents quickly and efficiently while still allowing them the flexibility of customization when needed. 

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The 411 on document automation 

Document automation is critical in any document generation solution for Salesforce, as it automatically creates documents based on specific criteria. This can save companies an immense amount of time and effort when creating documents. Rather than having to generate each document from scratch manually, a well-designed document automation solution can automatically generate documents when specific events occur, such as when a record is created or updated in Salesforce.  

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 Businesses can go even further by automating document creation based on their specific needs. With Conga Composer's creative technology at work in seconds, industry-standard accuracy and professionalism are guaranteed every time, empowering teams for greater efficiency. 

The benefits of automated document generation for businesses are immense; with automated document generation, companies no longer have to spend time and resources manually generating documents whenever needed. This reduces manual labor costs, saves time, streamlines processes, and ensures that documents are always up-to-date and accurate. The automated process can also reduce errors by eliminating typos or incorrect data entry from manual input. 

 Furthermore, automated document generation solutions typically come with features like custom templates that enable companies to quickly create professional-looking documents without starting from scratch.  

Overall, automated document generation provides a wide range of benefits for businesses using Salesforce; it reduces costs associated with manual labor, eliminates the need to update documents manually, streamlines processes constantly, and ensures accuracy. Automated document generation makes it easier to quickly generate high-quality documents while saving time and money in the long run. 

Version control 

Version control is critical when choosing a document generation solution for Salesforce. It ensures that companies can store and track different versions of documents, providing them with greater control and flexibility over their content. 

With version control, organizations can go back to an earlier document version without creating it from scratch again. This saves time, effort, and resources in the long run. 

The presence of version control in a Salesforce document generation solution enables teams to collaborate more effectively on documents. For example, team members can review different document versions before committing changes to ensure everyone is on the same page. This way, they can avoid potential conflicts or disagreements further down the line. By streamlining the collaboration process, teams can work faster while improving accuracy and quality. 

A Salesforce document generation solution with version control also helps companies better manage their business processes since they can easily track which documents were used at what stage and how they were altered over time. This significantly reduces manual work and the risk of errors or data loss due to manual handling or outdated versions being used unbeknownst to staff. Access to an entire audit trail is invaluable for sales teams who need accurate records for compliance purposes or require detailed customer information tracking.  

In short, version control is an essential feature that should be looked for when choosing a Salesforce document generation solution due to its many benefits, such as improved collaboration between team members, streamlined business processes, and better records management – all keys aspects that help organizations stay competitive in today’s market place. 


Security is essential when selecting a document generation solution for Salesforce. By incorporating user permissions into the solution, companies can ensure that only users with the necessary authority can create and modify templates and generate documents from their company's template library. This provides several key benefits to businesses. 

Firstly, user permissions help protect the accuracy and integrity of essential documents. Companies can guarantee that their official documents remain up-to-date and free from errors by allowing only carefully selected team members to make template changes. This ensures that customers are not presented with inaccurate or outdated information and maintains a professional image for the company.  

Furthermore, by limiting who has access to generating documents from their template library, organizations can control which individuals have permission to produce official communications on behalf of the company. When it comes to sensitive or confidential information such as legal contracts or financial statements, this helps protect against unauthorized access by individuals who may not be authorized or qualified to produce these types of documents on behalf of the organization.  

In addition, having tighter control over who can generate documents via Salesforce provides more accountability regarding document production. Companies can easily monitor which team members created or modified certain templates and who generated specific documents through Salesforce’s built-in audit log feature. This helps them quickly identify any potential mistakes or issues arising from discrepancies between internal records and customer reports.  

Overall, incorporating user permissions into a document generation solution for Salesforce is crucial for protecting accuracy, maintaining security, and providing greater accountability regarding document production within an organization. In addition to protecting valuable data and information from unauthorized access, companies also benefit from increased efficiency since fewer people will need training on generating new documents from scratch as they will simply be able to use existing templates instead. 

Data integration 

Data integration is critical when choosing a document generation solution for Salesforce, as it enables users to quickly and easily integrate their Salesforce data into their documents. With data integration, companies can save time and money while streamlining their workflows.  

The most significant benefit of data integration is that it eliminates the need to enter data into each template manually. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also increases the potential for document errors due to user input mistakes. By integrating Salesforce data directly into templates, companies can ensure that all documents are accurate and up-to-date with the correct information. 

Furthermore, by mapping data fields from Salesforce into template fields, companies can be sure that all relevant information is placed in the correct location within their documents.  

In addition to reducing manual effort and increasing documents' accuracy, data integration allows companies to easily customize or modify existing templates without starting from scratch. This makes document creation much faster and more cost effective than having to recreate new templates every time changes need to be made.  

Overall, with a document generation solution that includes data integration capabilities, companies can significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of their document processes while reducing costs associated with manually entering information into every template. By eliminating this tedious task, they can use their resources more efficiently while providing customers with quality documents quickly and accurately. 

Digital signature support 

When selecting a document generation solution for use on Salesforce, it is essential to ensure that it offers digital signature support. Digital signatures are a type of electronic signature that is legally binding in many countries and offer protections under the law, making them ideal for company documents such as contracts and other legal documents. By offering support for multiple digital signature platforms, companies can be assured that their documents will be secure and remain legally binding wherever they are used.  

Having a document generation solution with digital signature support has numerous benefits. The ability to quickly and securely generate legally-binding contracts or documents from Salesforce helps streamline processes and save time. This means fewer resources must be spent on document creation, allowing teams to focus more on core business tasks. 

 Additionally, digital signatures provide an extra layer of security to sensitive data, which is vital in today’s increasingly connected world. It reduces the chances of fraud or tampering with confidential information, making it easier for companies to protect their assets. 

Furthermore, when used with biometric authentication methods (such as facial recognition), digital signatures can provide a higher level of security than manual signing processes. This can help reduce potential risks when entering online agreements with customers or vendors.  

Overall, it is clear that digital signature support is an essential feature when choosing a document generation solution for use on Salesforce, providing added security and convenience while ensuring legal compliance worldwide. Companies looking to integrate such solutions into their existing systems should ensure that the chosen solution provides robust support for multiple digital signature platforms to get the most out of their investment in this technology. 

Output Formats 

When choosing a document generation solution for Salesforce, the ability to output in multiple formats is a critical feature. The ability to generate documents in PDF, and Microsoft Word and send them as an email to Contacts stored in Salesforce allows companies to solve multiple use cases within their sales operations. This gives them flexibility and helps reduce the time needed to create documents necessary for completing sales tasks.  

Offering multiple output formats provides several benefits to a company. First, it can help streamline the process of creating documents, allowing documents to be created more quickly than if they had to be manually written or typed up. This saves time and decreases the chances of inconsistencies between different document versions due to manual errors. 

Second, having multiple output formats can help ensure that all parties involved have access to an easily readable version of all documents generated by Salesforce. By providing PDFs, MS Word files, as well as emails that include cover letters sent directly from Salesforce, companies can guarantee that all intended parties receive the correct version of each document regardless of what device they are using or what type of software they have access to.  

Thirdly, with the ability to export documents into multiple formats, businesses can provide customers with documents explicitly tailored to their needs and preferences. For example, emails may contain attachments that explain details about products and services offered by the company; PDF files may better suit customers who prefer printable versions, while MS Word enables changes to be made before being sent out should this be required by any customer requests.

Document generation tools for Salesforce 

Overall, there are clear advantages for companies choosing a document generation solution for Salesforce, which offers multiple output formats. This adds more flexibility, helps speed up processes, and ensures consistency and accuracy across all versions of documents while enabling companies to meet customer demands more effectively. 

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