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Celebrating Heidi Modrusan: Conga Inspire Award Winner 2024

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In the heart of Conga's dynamic user community, there's a name that stands out for its brilliance: Heidi Modrusan. As the distinguished recipient of the 2024 Inspire Award in the Community category, Heidi has made remarkable strides as the customer admin for the Conga Contracts user group, leaving a legacy within our Conga Customer Community. 


Unwavering Leadership and Dedication 

Heidi's leadership and steadfast dedication have been pivotal to our community's resilience and growth. During a critical period of leadership transition among customer admins, Heidi was instrumental in ensuring the group's continuity and keeping engagement levels high. Her unwavering commitment not only kept our community united but also fostered its growth during challenging times.  


Fostering Empowerment and Collaboration 

Beyond typical administration, Heidi's vision for the  Conga Customer Community embodies empowerment and collaboration. She tirelessly works to create opportunities for members to highlight their achievements and share solutions, cultivating an environment of mutual learning and support. This inclusive approach has empowered users to fully utilize Conga Contracts, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives. 


Enhancing Partnership and Advocacy 

Heidi's relentless efforts have significantly strengthened the bond between Conga and its user community has been strengthened considerably through Heidi’s relentless efforts. Serving as an essential conduit, she has enhanced communication and collaboration, advocated for user needs, and established direct feedback channels. Her advocacy and commitment have been instrumental in developing a genuine partnership that promotes both customer success and strategic progress for Conga. 


We celebrate Heidi for her exceptional leadership and dedication to our community. Her influence reaches beyond the user group, impacting the wider Conga Customer Community and encouraging a culture of collaboration and innovation.   

Join us in applauding Heidi's accomplishments and learn about other inspiring winners of the 2024 Inspire Awards 

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