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Celebrating Efficiency Champions: Meet the 2024 Conga Inspire Award Winners

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In a world where time is of the essence, efficiency is critical. At Conga, we celebrate those who streamline processes and boost productivity with our solutions, leaving room for what truly matters. Today, we proudly present the 2024 Conga Inspire Awards winners in the Efficiency category—companies that have elevated their operations to new heights through innovation and dedication.  

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  

Wiley, a global publishing powerhouse, has transformed its contract management process partnering with Conga, as part of its digital evolution, overseeing 7,000 contracts in 13 languages.

Conga Products: Conga CLM and Conga X-Author for Excel  


Wiley's journey began with the Institutional Sales group, tasked with managing thousands of contracts annually. Despite the complexity of their contracts, Conga addressed and implemented tailored solutions to meet Wiley's unique needs. The result? A streamlined and efficient contract management system that has exceeded expectations and set new standards within the organization.  

Key Outcomes:  

  • Streamlined Operations: With Conga CLM, Wiley reduced the quote-to-invoice process steps by 40%, saving valuable time and resources.  
  • Enhanced Compliance: Integrating SOX compliance into CLM has ensured adherence to regulatory standards and significantly reduced non-compliance instances and signature issues.  
  • Accelerated Revenue Realization: By automating contract processes, Wiley has experienced faster revenue realization, increased upselling opportunities, and heightened customer satisfaction.  
  • Remarkable ROI: Conga's solutions have delivered significant cost savings through task automation and error reduction, demonstrating Wiley's remarkable return on investment.  


CoreLogic is the trusted source for property intelligence, with deep knowledge of powerful economic, social, and environmental forces that promote healthy housing markets and thriving communities.

Conga Products: Conga CLM, Conga Grid, and X-Author  


Since the implementation of Conga CLM in October 2022, CoreLogic has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its operations. With 27 deployed templates and enhanced self-service capabilities, CoreLogic has tripled the percentage of self-service transactions enabled. Additionally, Conga Grid has played a crucial role in data cleanup efforts, enabling CoreLogic to remedy over 5,000 records and 18,000 data gaps in just four weeks.   

Key Outcomes:  

  • Increased Efficiency: CoreLogic has reduced overall cycle time by an impressive 63% since implementing Conga CLM, allowing for faster contract processing and improved customer service.  
  • Enhanced Data Management: Conga Grid has empowered CoreLogic to streamline data cleanup efforts, improving data accuracy and integrity across the organization.  
  • Improved Productivity: By automating manual tasks and enhancing self-service capabilities, CoreLogic boosted productivity and enabled employees to focus on high-value activities.  
  • Accelerated Results: The implementation of Conga solutions led to faster, more efficient operations, enabling CoreLogic to achieve its business objectives in record time.  


These remarkable achievements highlight the transformative impact of Conga's solutions on efficiency and productivity. Congratulations to John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and CoreLogic for their dedication to innovation and excellence! We are thrilled to celebrate these efficiency champions who have made a significant impact in their respective industries.   

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