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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Conga Inspire Award Winners 2024

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Customer using Conga and Salesforce

In today's competitive landscape, where customer expectations continue to evolve rapidly, delivering exceptional customer experiences has become paramount for businesses across industries. Customer experience encompasses every interaction a customer has with a brand, from the initial engagement to post-purchase support, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping brand perception, loyalty, and ultimately, business success. As organizations strive to differentiate themselves in the market, those that prioritize and excel in customer experience often emerge as leaders. In this regard, the winners of the 2024 Inspire Awards in the Customer Experience category stand as shining examples of innovation, dedication, and excellence in enhancing customer interactions. Let's delve into the remarkable achievements of these industry trailblazers. 



FORVIA HELLA, is a German automotive supplier, renowned for its expertise in lighting technology and electronic components and systems.  

Products Used: Conga CLM, X-Author for Contracts


FORVIA HELLA strategically integrated Conga CLM to streamline its project-based quotations for Automotive OEM customers. This strategic decision not only optimized internal processes but also paved the way for further advancements in document management. Confronting the complexities of the quotation process, FORVIA HELLA has utilized Conga CLM and X-Author to reshape its approach. With a diverse array of over 40 templates to manage, this transformation has driven significant enhancements in the efficiency and precision of the customer quoting process.

Key Outcomes:

  • Unified Template Management: Conga has provided a single source of truth for all quotation templates, streamlining both creation and generation processes. Previously, updating multiple templates required manual effort, but now, clauses can be updated simultaneously, saving valuable time.
  • Governance and Flexibility: Conga CLM allows governance of all changes while providing the sales team with the flexibility needed to meet customer expectations. It ensures adherence to processes and rules without burdening the team with manual checks.
  • Efficient Quotation Approvals: Automatic highlighting of changes by Conga simplifies the approval process, allowing managers to focus on their tasks without worrying about overlooked changes. Parallel reviews further enhance efficiency.
  • Audit Compliance: With Conga, FORVIA HELLA is 100% audit-proof, ensuring that only approved changes move the quotation forward for final approval. All documentation is stored centrally, reducing compliance risks.
  • 80% Efficiency Boost: Quotations are now reviewed and approved much quicker and more accurately, making FORVIA HELLA a more agile and reliable partner to customers.
  • 100% User Adoption: Conga's integration into Salesforce ensures high user adoption rates, making the entire process seamless and efficient.  


ENGIE Italia

ENGIE, a global leader in low-carbon energy and services, drives the transition to a carbon-neutral world through energy reduction efforts.

Products Used: Conga CPQ, Conga Composer, and Conga Sign


ENGIE Italia's commitment to enhancing customer experience has yielded tangible results for the business. Partnering with Conga, they transformed their customers’ experiences by digitizing paper contracts and enabling modern door-to-door sales via mobile app, resulting in greater revenue lifetime value and decreased customer loss  

Key Outcomes:

  • Accelerated Time to Market: This revenue innovation has accelerated the time to market for both internal and external users by digitizing all door-to-door sales via a mobile app.
  • Modernized Revenue Lifecycle: ENGIE Italia's initiative has modernized their revenue lifecycle, presenting a distinctive quote-to-proposal-to-customer workflow, fostering smoother operations and improved customer experiences.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: Working in collaboration with Conga, ENGIE Italia has streamlined their sales process, reducing friction in customer processes and creating a continuous and seamless experience for both employees and customers.
  • Mission for Paperless Processes: ENGIE Italia is on a mission to create a completely paperless process from the creation of a product to its delivery, eliminating paper contracts for both supply and home services contracts.
  • Enhanced Field Operations: Field representatives can now obtain electronic signatures while in the field, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper processes and ensuring a smoother, more efficient workflow.


These inspiring achievements by FORVIA HELLA and ENGIE Italia underscore the transformative power of Conga solutions in enhancing customer experience. Congratulations to our winners!  

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