Apttus* Announces Max Proactive – Artificial Intelligence that Optimizes Enterprise Revenue Operations Around-the-Clock

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*Apttus and Conga, two pioneers in the commercial operations space, have joined forces as the all-new Conga. 

New Applied AI Capability Proactively Initiates Revenue Generating Business Processes

SAN MATEO, CA – May 15, 2018 – Apttus, the global Middle Office leader, today announced Max Proactive, a unique set of new AI capabilities that proactively notifies users of intelligent actions and automatically initiates and orchestrates key business processes. Max is the only enterprise-class offering in this space, unlocking new revenue opportunities, greatly increasing revenue yield and maximizing business outcomes.

Max is an applied AI for Apttus Omni™, the Intelligent Middle Office Platform, utilizing an intelligent conversational user interface to deliver insights and recommendations to help sales, legal, operations and financial professionals produce revenue maximizing outcomes for enterprises. The resulting actions accelerate and optimize the output of the CPQCLM, and Revenue Management solutions that comprise Apttus Omni.

Max Proactive delivers Apttus’ next generation of applied AI innovation, extending revenue operations around-the-clock to significantly increase sales productivity, drive revenue and reduce risk. Max Proactive allows sales teams, revenue managers, digital commerce teams, and executives to spend less time and effort searching for new opportunities and focus more on closing deals. Examples of Max Proactive in action include:

  • Notifying sellers when an action must be taken:
    • “I’ve found a new sales opportunity in your territory.”
    • “It’s Friday morning, here is your pipeline forecast.”
    • “It has been 3 days since the ACME contract was submitted for approval.”
  • Initiating activity and guiding your sellers through a business process:
    • “Karen Smith at ACME has requested a quote. Would you like me to prepare it for you to review?”
    • “We don’t have an NDA in place with ACME, let me create one for you.”
    • “How was your meeting with ACME? Let me help you take some notes.”
  • Orchestrating each stage of the revenue cycle:
    • “You are at 50% quota now. Let me create a plan to get you to 100%.”
    • “You haven’t touched ACME opportunity for 3 weeks. Let me suggest steps you can take you win this opportunity.”
    • “I’ve identified high-risk language in the ACME contract. Would you like to see a report so we can address the issues?”

“Apttus has a long history of advancing revenue operations far beyond what anyone believed they were capable of, and we have stayed true to that tradition this year,” said Kirk Krappe, Apttus CEO. “We recognize that for enterprise organizations to maximize their revenue yield, they need to be vigilant, always in pursuit of optimizing every opportunity, and nothing is better suited to that mentality than our AI offerings. Max’s new capabilities will deliver better results without exhausting workforces, all the while respecting the immense sophistication of the modern, enterprise-class revenue operation.”

“Since Apttus has been a leader in Quote-to-Cash software for over a decade, it is uniquely qualified to help enterprises dramatically improve these processes by providing advanced technologies like its conversational Quote-to-Cash intelligent agent called Max, machine learning, and augmented reality,” said Predrag PJ Jakovljevic, principal analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). “The days of companies relying on the ‘alpha’ sales folks who would use only their hunch to close deals are gone. Nowadays, intelligent software solutions like Apttus’ Max can level the playing field for more sales employees and raise the performance of sales organizations.”

To see these capabilities demoed live, or any other aspect of Apttus Omni, attend Accelerate 2018, taking place at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts on May 14-16. 

About Apttus

Apttus is the Silicon Valley-based global provider of Apttus Omni, the Intelligent Middle Office platform that allows enterprises to automate and optimize their most critical revenue and commercial relationship management processes. Apttus is powered by the most advanced technologies from Salesforce, Microsoft and IBM. Analysts rank Apttus as the global gold standard for Quote-to-Cash (QTC) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. Apttus’ innovations include Max, the company’s Applied Artificial Intelligence that enables enterprises to achieve superior business outcomes. Apttus partners with a world-class ecosystem. Apttus customers include hundreds of the world’s mid-sized organizations and the who’s who of the Global 1000.

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