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Customer Story


Fiserv automates executive briefs and helps close $1M+ deals with Conga Composer.

Open Solutions, now Fiserv, provides collaborative, enterprise core account processing technology for banks, thrifts and credit unions, along with a full range of surround solutions.


Fiserv provides technology and services to 5,800 banks and credit unions. Fiserv’s executive team conducts 75 high-level briefings each year for key accounts with deals valued over $1,000,000. Prior to Conga Composer, the sales team spent nearly an hour per executive brief to prepare the busy leadership for each key meeting.


  • Conga Composer automates the completion of the executive briefs
  • Reps press one button to pull Salesforce® account, opportunity and contact data together into a formatted executive briefing report in Word®. Reps can then easily make needed edits


  • High priced sales reps save nearly an hour for each briefing report
  • The standardized template ensures executives are prepared for key meetings
  • Busy executives have a comprehensive document they can read on the go

“Conga Composer let us standardize our executive briefing reports. Now our execs get the full story on an account before a key meeting, and our reps don’t have to re-key lots of data. Every day, I think of more ways this application can help us. This is just one example.”

Jane Isaac | Director of Sales Operations

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