AppNexus predicts business better with Conga's partnership

AppNexus uses Conga CLM to analyze past interactions and project trends to customers

Minimum effort, maximum value
AppNexus, a cloud-based software platform that enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising, has made a promise to its users: to develop value and benefits for users of its platform while minimizing the level of effort to achieve them.

By using Conga CLM to analyze the data from past contracts and opportunities, AppNexus adds a layer of intelligence to help identify the relevant trends that customers use to help predict a business that’s difficult to predict.

In addition to improving results with Conga's solutions, it's the partnership and trusted guidance Conga provides that AppNexus finds most valuable. 

The products and solutions are leading-edge. They understand our challenges and objectives and connected their products to our needs in a much better way than any other competitor.

Greg McLaughlin
Sr. Director of Business Automation Solutions

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