Subscription management software

Sell and manage subscriptions the way your customers want with automated renewal management and the flexibility to adjust subscriptions based on their needs. 

Give your team everything they need to manage subscriptions: 

Configure and price one-time and subscription offerings
Provide a single bill that combines all pricing models
Adjust orders and subscriptions through any channel
Choose an automated, user-assisted, or hybrid renewal process

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Subscription orders

With a single view of subscriptions, easily adjust orders through any channel to renew, terminate, swap, or change existing assets. Automatically keep subscriptions in sync when changes are made for proper billing and improved customer retention.

Renewal management

Conga Renewal Management auto-creates opportunities, quotes, and finalized carts based on order activation or a certain lead time. This feature greatly improves the efficiency of renewing subscriptions and increases customer retention. 

Single billing

Conga CPQ provides a single bill for a blend of one-time product sales and subscription service business models. This feature improves the customer’s experience by providing a single invoice for all items and services purchased. 

Exemplary value

Conga was recognized as an Exemplary Vendor in the 2023 Ventana Research Subscription Management Value Index, ranking first in the customer experience category with high recognition for manageability, reliability, total cost of ownership/ROI, and validation. 

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