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Digital banking made easy

Simplify document automation while providing secure, accurate experiences for your customers

Join 45% of Fortune 500 FinServ companies who trust Conga for document automation

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Mitsubishi HC Capital America automates manual workflows with Conga Composer.

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HFM Investment Advisors saves 1,000+ hours of manual data entry with Conga.

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Dealer Profit Services eliminate errors and saves customers hours with Conga.

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Mount Yale Capital Group saves time and increases signatures by 10x.

Easily embed document generation capabilities to populate on-brand templates for account agreements, loan applications, and other customer documents with data from any system of record. Harness intelligent automation, unified data, purposeful AI, and integration software to eliminate revenue friction while retaining quality. 

 Allianz Care achieves growth without adding headcount

Global insurance company Allianz needed to streamline document processes and grow their business. They considered adding a significant number of employees to manage their data and documentation—but instead found a solution with Conga Composer. Watch to learn more about their journey. 

Accelerate banking operations with the document automation leader

Put an end to costly errors

Deliver complicated financial forms, contracts, and agreements in record time, error-free 

Eliminate manual paperwork

Streamline and automate account applications, agreement routing, and signature approvals.

Standardize and control

Maintain audit trails and version control for documents like credit applications and contracts.

Spend less for secure eSignature

Reduce costs (~30% compared to competitors) while ensuring efficient, safe eSignature.

End-to-end document automation

Take a deep dive into how Conga powers every segment of your document processes, including:  

  • Effortless template creation
  • Automation to ensure accuracy
  • Branding and customization
  • Sending, signing, and saving completed documents 
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Seamless signatures through robust API capabilities

Elevate your members’ banking experiences with safe, secure, and hassle-free documents—and effortlessly take new accounts across the finish line with Conga Sign's seamless eSignature and fortified API capabilities.

Maintain compliance and security with Conga Composer

Conga is committed to helping you gain and maintain your clients' trust and confidence. That's why our dedicated, in-house security and privacy team is here to help you meet compliance, data protection, and regulatory obligations from around the globe.

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Banking master class I Gain revenue advantage through automation

Get the recap on the 6 dimensions of the Revenue Advantage, defining the Revenue Friction Zone, and business impacts of automating critical financial docs. Also catch a 60 second demo of automation in action!

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Dealing with error-prone processes? Worried about inconsistent communications or a subpar customer experience? Conga Composer transforms banking operations to solve all these hurdles and more. Let us show you how!  

Conga Composer on the AWS Marketplace

AWS cloud spend commitments to fulfill? Conga Composer is now on the AWS Marketplace. Streamline document workflows, consolidate vendors, and optimize spend—all while meeting the document needs of every department.

Achieve banking success with Conga today

Ready to see how Conga’s document generation solutions can transform your banking operations? Schedule your customized demo today! 

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