B2B proposals to go - empowering sellers to close business on the road

Amanda Lester

March 13, 2019

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The most productive and successful sales representatives take every opportunity to be in front of their customers, and minimize administrative time in the office. For years, field B2B sales representatives, business development executives and pre-sales engineers have been bringing their laptops to conferences, hotels and coffee shops. Between customer meetings, trade show booth duty and networking events, these modern-day road warriors slip away when there's a break in the action to work on proposals and presentations wherever reliable sources of power, WiFi access, and caffeine is available. Some toil away writing content from scratch on Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, or the equivalent Google or Apple productivity apps.

Proposals to Go and Accessibility Anywhere

For high-growth businesses, or companies in industries where change and travel are the only constants, web-based sales proposal software is critical to winning B2B deals. Accessibility via smartphone or tablet makes life easier not only for your sales and marketing teams, but for customers as well. The whole proposal lifecycle is best executed through a web based digital platform which is integrated with your company's customer-centric business applications. One that facilitates access to templates and reusable content specific to:

  • Industry, business size, or solution type
  • Customer references and interactive forms
  • Videos, text and rich images like graphs and infographics

A mobile-friendly, SaaS proposal platform like Conga Collaborate offers workflow triggers and notifications for change requests, comments, new versions and reviews. They can also bring partners and customers into the collaboration circle, so everyone is literally on the same page as far as expectations of the deliverables.

Sales and Business Development Reps - Quarterbacks of the Proposal Process

Proposals are usually seen as a product and mandate of the business development division, but in the digital age, it requires full commitment from across the organization. The sales rep is tasked with getting the proposal to the customer or prospect, and getting the proposal across the closed business end zone line. The sales or business development quarterback (especially if they are rookies) needs their sales executive to call the plays throughout the creation process, and advise throughout the competitive process of negotiating the terms of the deal to a close. The proposal pursuit process often requires input from multiple lines of business including:

  • Product (running back and offensive line)
  • Research, development and engineering ( safety and linebackers)
  • Professional and managed services (wide receivers, tight end)
  • Legal, finance and operations (defensive line and kicker)

Interoperability with CRM applications like, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and Pipedrive to extract customer information, and track proposal pursuits and win rates against opportunities, accounts and prospects. Passing documents via email around a large distributed team like this can cause fumbles like versioning issues, review bottlenecks, and missed due dates.

Static Proposals are So 90's

Transport your sales professionals into present day with the ability to create a personalized proposal with the simple click of a button within your CRM. Reps will no longer need to copy and paste data and content or reformat Office documents, and they’ll be armed with a way to package files like license agreements, data sheets, videos and Master Services Agreements as part of the proposal. Integration with file storage apps like OneDrive, Google Drive and Box make it even easier to automatically include files stored in other storage apps. Text notifications about when a customer is reviewing the proposal are so much more satisfying than a read receipt via e-mail or, even worse, constantly wondering if the customer even received the document in the first place. An opportunistic, yet subtle real-time interaction with the customer's team can help eliminate objections and shorten the sales cycle. It also helps to know which proposal pages a customer has viewed, and who has viewed the proposal. Enabling the prospect or customer to seal the deal with an eSignature is the perfect icing on the cake, and helps the sales rep share the good news with everyone that much faster. For on-the-go sales teams working remotely, banging the gong or ringing the bell in the office often goes unnoticed. Notification of an accepted proposal is less disruptive, but will still resonate with a "ka-ching" in the mind of any self-respecting, quota carrying sales professional.


Free your sales people from the bonds of static proposals, attachments, and scanning, faxing and printing the final signed proposal. Conga Collaborate enables your sales and business development teams to create powerful, interactive and rich proposals that are mobile friendly. Your team can leverage the skills and responsibilities of your extended organization to get the proposal out the door, and track engagement when it's in the wild. Your sales team has places to go and people to see. Equipping them with Conga enables them to close more business wherever they are, without delaying other in-flight business opportunities to wrestle with static documents. Contact us to see for yourself how B2B proposals to go will increase your profitability and revenue production in 2019 and the years ahead.

Amanda Lester

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