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Kelli Blystone

May 16, 2018

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In a continual quest for greater agility, high-tech companies lean on a multitude of tools and technologies every day to speed up and streamline business processes. But even if your company boasts the latest, greatest, and most promising software and programs, it’s likely there’s still a certain amount of manual effort required to get work done— especially when it comes to generating and managing documents. When the data needed for documents lives in different systems or with different users, sales ops, legal, admin teams, and others have to toggle between programs and cut and paste information. It’s bad enough that these manual efforts take so much time. But it’s a whole lot worse when documents are generated with incorrect or missing info, when updates are made to customer data that don’t get synced back to the CRM, or when the most recent versions of a document can’t be found or accessed. The result is that everything from sales quotes and contracts to invoices, business reviews, and a plethora of other documents take so much time and energy that producing them effectively kills any semblance of productivity across several teams. Worse still, documents with errors (on top of those that take too long to produce) will negatively impact how customers and prospects think about your brand that can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Seeking greater agility can take your tech company a long way. But the journey stops short without some kind of integrated automation—something to pull together your people, processes, and data in one place, on one screen, with one (or two) clicks.

Manual processes affect stakeholders within and outside of your company

Tech companies’ business operations run the gamut from sales and customer service to legal oversight, to procurement and vendor relationships, to executive planning and forecasting, to R&D and innovation. All of these operations require documents to record, solidify, report on, and manage important relationships, agreements, strategies, and goals—sometimes even daily. But a lack of efficient business operations trickles down to every team in your company. Sales reps and Salesforce admins can’t keep up with data entry and look for shortcuts to avoid using the CRM, which creates more problems. Legal teams spin their wheels with slow and difficult contract and negotiation processes. Customer success teams struggle to find updated information to answer questions, solve issues, and offer appropriate upgrades. And executives who need accurate reports to make strategic decisions either can’t access them or only have limited access.

Getting the upper hand with integrated, automated document generation

Automating the creation and distribution of your most commonly-used or highest-value documents can help teams across your company achieve greater speed and efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, and improve business operations without additional resources or expense. Working seamlessly within your Salesforce environment, Conga’s document and contract management automation solutions takes the manual effort, guesswork, errors, wasted time, and general frustration out of the equation. Anyone in your organization—regardless of technical capabilities or document generation expertise—can effortlessly create essential documents and reports, including:

  • Pipeline & opportunity reports
  • Quotes & proposals
  • Contracts
  • Account plans
  • Project report cards
  • Invoices
  • Renewals & business reviews

Conga puts all the necessary paperwork on autopilot, with document templates that populate with the latest, most up-to-date data from your Salesforce instance to speed up document generation. Redlining and true-up tools enforce version control and ensure all changes sync back to the CRM to maintain data accuracy, integrity, and transparency across teams who can access the same data at any time. The high-tech game is already challenging enough with constantly changing customer demands, new competitors entering the market, and the sheer volume of communications needed to acquire and retain new customers. Why make it more difficult with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes that risk your reputation and opportunity to succeed? Learn how Conga’s intelligent automation can make your tech company’s document creation activities and your whole business faster, agile, and more efficient in our new eBook, The 7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Successful Business Operations.

Kelli Blystone

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