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Nearmap accelerates revenue with Conga solutions & AWS Marketplace

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Customer using Conga CPQ with Salesforce

As organizations grow and evolve, operational efficiency becomes exponentially more important. A modern, intelligent tech stack is critical to streamline the revenue lifecycle and drive greater business results.   

Conga customer Nearmap has experienced rapid growth over the past few years but found themselves bogged down by outdated technology and inefficient manual processes. They found their solution in the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud—and maximized their AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) investment by purchasing through the AWS Marketplace.  

To understand what led them to this decision—and the results they achieved—let’s unpack the details of the Nearmap story. 


Background and challenges 

Nearmap has quickly evolved from a small online startup to a next-gen aerial technology company, offering instant access to high resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D data sets, and integrated geospatial tools. Unfortunately, the technology they implemented just five years ago was no longer able to scale with their current operational needs. This led to convoluted, inefficient workflows and slow, manual sales processes.  

This challenge came to a head when Nearmap wanted to launch a new embedded packaging model for SMB customers and found their current system was unable to support it. So the Nearmap team decided to step back and identify their core technology issues. They determined a holistic solution was needed, including powerful contract lifecycle management (CLM), configure, price, quote (CPQ), document generation, eSignature, and eCommerce capabilities. They also wanted to ensure their chosen solution would be scalable in the long term to meet their aggressive growth targets.  

With a clear view of their technology requirements, the Nearmap team began evaluating best-in-class vendors and solutions, with the goal of finding a single vendor framework to fulfill all their needs. They believed a unified solution would shorten the implementation timeline, reduce the overall cost, and minimize risk due to the inherent alignment of all components.  


The solution: Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud 

After careful consideration, Nearmap selected Conga’s trusted solutions—often referred to as the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud—which includes offerings for document generation, eSignature, CLM, CPQ, and more. This end-to-end revenue lifecycle technology provided a complete solution to Nearmap’s challenges—plus a single data source that allowed them to easily implement their new pricing and packaging model. 

Conga solutions helped Nearmap take their revenue processes to a whole new level. The company is now able to: 

  • Quickly configure and price their products with Conga CPQ 
  • Generate pixel-perfect proposals with Conga Composer 
  • Streamline the contracting process for enterprise sales with Conga CLM 
  • Improve billing flexibility and ERP integration with Conga Billing 
  • Enable self service for lower-value SMB deals to increase revenue and accelerate sales cycles 


The added value of purchasing through AWS Marketplace  

Nearmap uses AWS to store and process massive amounts of sophisticated aerial imagery. As a result, they have a multi-year agreement as part of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) with a committed yearly spend. Solutions purchased through the AWS Marketplace count toward this spend commitment—and may provide additional cost savings though the EDP.  

By leveraging AWS Marketplace to buy Conga solutions, Nearmap was able to streamline back-end operations because all Marketplace purchases are invoiced, tracked, and managed through a single AWS billing system. This approach also allowed them to avoid under-utilizing their required cloud spend, access technology budget that was already committed, and get the solutions they needed from a trusted source.  


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