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Conga Sign vs other eSign tools

Which eSignature tool is the best? See the differences between Conga Sign, DocuSign, Adobe Acrobat Sign, and Dropbox Sign to choose the eSignature solution for you. 


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Conga Sign is a compliant, secure, industry-leading signature solution that captures the essential signatures you need, wherever and whenever you need them. With open API, web applications, and Salesforce packages, Conga Sign can be used and deployed in a variety of ways to collect digital signatures.  

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Advanced phishing protection

Conga Sign lets you remove all traces of Conga across the entire transaction with white-labeling for a fully branded, trustworthy experience. By presenting your brand consistently, across all communications, you can prevent phishing and reduce the chance of recipients interacting with fraudulent content. DocuSign still pushes their brand into your branded experience. 

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Enterprise-level security

Conga Sign offers a wide range of ID verification and authentication options, so you can get documents electronically signed with confidence. Additionally, it tampers seals the document after each signature to ensure your audit trail is accurate and your information is protected. With Conga Sign, you have the flexibility to choose the level of security you need. 

Solving your full revenue lifecycle

Conga Sign can be used alongside Conga’s entire suite of products, allowing you to track the status of signatures throughout the process. It easily integrates with our CLM, CPQ, and document generation solutions to streamline every stage of the revenue lifecycle. Dropbox Sign falls short on document generation, CLM, and CPQ integrations. 

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Whether you’re sending out NDAs during the proposal process, closing in on contract negotiations, fulfilling product and service obligations, or renewing future agreements, Conga Sign can help you collect secure, compliant signatures instantly. 

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