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Conga Batch

Deliver Composer-created digital documents automatically.

Simplify scheduling and delivery with Batch for Composer.

An add-on to Composer, Batch saves you time, effort, and money when sending out your documents. Consolidate, then schedule and deliver the documents you create. Choose how you want to launch and send, whether automatically or on demand. Run the same Composer solution for many records at once or at recurring intervals.

You choose your path—predefine which records you want to include in the batch with standard Salesforce reports or SOQL queries, or select records ad hoc from a list view or related list view.

Next, decide how you want to deliver. Batch can consolidate up to 50 records or files for immediate download. Or batch files to send out, from one to 1,000 records. Then, distribute as email attachments, eSignature documents, or other common Salesforce record attachments.

You choose the timing—launch on demand from a button on a list view, page layout, or Batch record. If that doesn’t do it, schedule delivery to run in the background. Choose any interval: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Pricing built for your company.

Batch add-on for Composer pricing starts at $1 USD per event.

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Conga Composer and Conga Batch helped Marathon change the landscape of our paid programming sales system by consolidating thousands of lines of data across multiple networks into a scalable auction process and reducing it to a single click.

Adrian Lo
Manager of Pricing and Planning, Marathon
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