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Engaging documents

Digital document management that wows—from creation to delivery.

Make your digital documents work harder.

Every document has big potential to help accelerate your business. Unleash that potential with our engaging documents capabilities and see how easy it is to build, manage, and work on documents online, or anywhere business takes you.

Accelerate your business with Conga. 

We can't tell you what the future holds, but we can tell you how we can help get you there: by digitizing your documents and automating the manual, outdated processes that slow you down. We're talking about administrative labor that costs you valuable time, leads to mistakes, and keeps you from moving forward when you need it most. 

When you transform your operations, it accelerates your business in leaps and bounds. Conga can help you empower your business to modernize revenue generation, simplify and streamline commercial processes, and create better, more efficient customer experiences. Check out our demo to see the power, simplicity—and speed—of the Conga Suite.


See for yourself.
What can you do with engaging documents?
Accurate. Consistent. Beautiful. In a snap.

Build perfectly branded, consistently formatted documents with just a few clicks. Guarantee that documents are accurate and communications are on point, even as you generate and send them instantly. Plus, share them from any device or location, and access them anytime, anywhere. 

When you automate your documents, it’s a beautiful thing. Automation takes the work out of the process and removes user steps that can lead to mistakes. Think how much time you’ll save your teams, how many fewer errors will be made, and what a boost you’ll give to productivity. With our digital documents, your business cycles will be faster, guaranteed. 

Maximum flexibility. Maximum impact.

Our online document management solutions are so powerful, the number of use cases is limited only by your imagination. Which means that you can get tremendous value from a single vendor. 

Whatever solution you need, whatever document, contract, or reporting process you want to streamline, you can do it with Conga’s engaging documents. Every digital document is created on brand and is compliant, no matter what type of document it is. 

Then easily send documents for eSignature, and store them securely in the cloud. You can create a workflow rule to trigger document distribution, and even send out batches on a schedule.


Create just the customer communications you need.

Keeping up with your customers by responding to their interests and needs has never been more important. Engaging them through effective communication management has never been easier. You can personalize in a snap, and rest assured that the data you pull into your template is up-to-date every time. 

Fast, accurate documents are easy to create, easy to share, and easy to engage with. Customize quickly with diverse options and create visual interest to make your documents a treat. Then, when your prospect takes a bite, you’ll know, because you can track engagement.

It’s never been easier to speed up document processes and accelerate business cycles, while engaging and delighting your customers.



What is online document management or digital document management?
Online or digital document management is a way to create, share, and store documents in digital format or online, so you can transmit documents without ever having to print out a piece of paper. A record of those documents is created and all actions taken around them are tracked in your CRM (Salesforce) or other system of record.

How can digital document management benefit my company?
Digital document management allows companies to automate the process of creating documents, sharing those documents, and recording all actions taken (either by your company or your customer) in relation to those documents. It automates steps around common business documents to reduce manual steps and errors, improve speed and efficiency, and enforce brand standards and compliance.

How does cloud based document management benefit my users or employees?
It provides automation around common business document steps, which takes out a lot of the work out of generating, sharing, signing, and saving documents that are fundamental to business cycles. It allows for things like automatic template selection so documents are always created correctly, sending documents in mass, or flexible document delivery that is automatically triggered by certain conditions. 

How does online document management benefit my customers?
Online document management provides a lot of the same benefits to your customers as to your employees: faster turnaround times, more accurate, on-brand documents, and all interactions that take place around documents tracked and recorded. Plus, you’ll be able to personalize your customer communications accurately and quickly, so you’ll have an easier time engaging customers and prospects.