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Conga Contracts for Salesforce

CLM tailored for your sales team.

Do what’s needed without leaving Salesforce.

Let your sales team take control of their contracts. Empower them to create, negotiate, and execute contracts by automating CLM with Contracts for Salesforce. Legal won’t have to approve every single standard contract, and sales won’t have to wait for them to, allowing them to close business faster. Speed up your agreements, from creation to signature, and control for risk. 

Manage deals in less time, right within Salesforce.
Faster, easier sales processes.

Give sales teams more ownership over contract processes, and sales cycles will definitely move faster. 

But don’t worry, the company is protected. Supply language and clauses legal has already approved, so sales can negotiate and close deals themselves, but still be compliant with policies and procedures.

Keep users in Salesforce, so all contracting information stays accurate and up-to-date, and all actions get recorded. Maintain an automated audit trail of changes and versions in Salesforce, even down to the individual clause level. 

Easily see deal statuses, including which ones have stalled. See into your processes and spot problems, like places where contracts tend to get hung up or stall out. Use that information to make your contracting better and speed deals up even more. 

Less time on contracts, more time on sales.

Get your sales CLM implemented quickly for fast ROI. Templates help you create professional, compliant contracts with the click of a button.

Set up and draw on a clause library to build compliant contracts easily. Bundle clauses that often come together to build strong contracts quickly. 

Then negotiate in whatever format your customer prefers (usually Word). Automate Salesforce updates, workflows, and approvals to keep the process on track and audit trail intact. No more slow, manual updates or missed renewals. 

Store every executed contract in a secure repository. Keep contracts accessible and searchable for renewals, analytics, and future negotiations. Report on all contracts to find ways to make your processes faster and better, and root out hidden risk. 

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We love Conga. We’ve been able to provide powerful solutions to the business with its products. And using Composer with the Conga Contracts for Salesforce product, we were able to deliver a fully robust Salesforce CPQ quote process to accelerate sales.

Suzan O’Leary
Project Manager, Abiomed
Pricing built for your company.

Contracts for Salesforce pricing starts at $35 USD per user per month. 

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Conga Contracts for Salesforce has allowed me to send out contracts with a few clicks, track differing versions without the need for track changes, and allows for all parties to sign electronically. It has been a dream! This is a great system and well worth the cost in what you save in return.

Jeff Van Hulten
Manager of Contracts and Policy, State of Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Work easily. We’ve got the integrations you need.

Work easily with Salesforce CPQ, so your quotes don’t fall through the cracks. 

Integrate seamlessly with other Conga solutions to streamline your contracting processes. Use Composer to generate your contract documents and Sign for effortless eSignature when you need to execute your contracts.  

See for yourself

Websites are full of words that tell you things. And that’s great. But sometimes you just need to see how stuff works. So we made a demo for those occasions. We’d love to show it to you.