Your journey stage

Growing and scaling 

Automate and integrate operations for greater productivity

Time to build on your transformation success

You’re already in the process of transforming your commercial operations, but there’s always more that can be done. You're looking to build on the gains you’ve made with the projects you have under your belt, to integrate more and compound your progress. What's the best approach to keep moving? 

What it means for your business to be sustainable 

When you've moved beyond the initial stages of creating a foundation, then creating a system that’s repeatable and reportable, you are no longer at risk. Your business is sustainable. Add in automation and integration, and you really start to pick up momentum. You’re still not future-proof, but you’re on your way.  

Man giving a presentation on the benefits of Conga's Revenue Automation Suite

Automate to turn up productivity 

When you started out, you got your foundation set and made some serious gains on efficiency. Automation can take it to the next level. Automating approvals, signatures, and workflows gives a whole new meaning to how effective processes can be. And once you can measure them, say hello to productivity at scale. 

Add in integration to harmonize your teams 

To bring the advantages of what you’ve achieved to everyone in your organization, you need to integrate your systems. When everyone is looking at the same data, work and information becomes seamless and scalable, and your teams will be in harmony. 


Every journey is unique. Discover yours. 

The road to successful commercial operations transformation is precisely that. It's not a single stop or change that happens at a moment in time. As you implement your strategy, you will also need to revisit and rework foundations, repeat steps, and rethink your approach in order to evolve and optimize.

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