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Rise of the revenue tide in contract lifecycle management

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Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is transitioning from an administrative necessity into a measurable opportunity to increase revenue. 

In this download we’ll cover the three waves of CLM transformation and the resulting benefits:

First wave = shortened sales cycle
Second wave = revenue expansion
Third wave = collection of revenue


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While the role of CLM in managing legally binding agreements has undergone significant changes, its progress has not been linear but has come in waves. The initial wave of digital transformation has reached a horizon in streamlining and optimizing the administration of contracts. A second wave is gathering force, with leading CLM vendors working to leverage generative AI and integration to provide sales reps and customer success managers with timely access to clauses applicable to growing revenue. Delving more deeply into the different phases of CLM's evolution, it becomes evident that each wave of digital transformation has brought about significant shifts in the business value of legally binding agreements.