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Conga Composer interactive readiness guide 

15 min read

This interactive guide is comprised of best practices and recommendations that will accelerate your Conga Composer readiness and set you up for success. 

In this download we’ll cover:

Supporting your vision through Conga's solutions
Key elements of a successful team
Detailed best practices on getting started
Additional Conga services


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To ensure a solid foundation for your digital transformation journey, it's important to start with the right resources. This approach not only guarantees that your solution aligns with and sustains business needs but also maximizes value throughout our partnership. An essential step in this process is assembling the right team, for the right solution, from the get-go. In this interactive guide, we aim to cover all the bases necessary for a successful transformation. This includes insights on staffing, knowledge acquisition, and process optimization. And we detail the comprehensive support you can expect from Conga as you embark on this journey. 

Your success is our success
Our goal with this guide is to offer a robust framework that helps you plan, build, and execute your organization’s goals. We encourage you to read this guide and reach out to us for any additional information or support you need to kickstart your journey with Conga Composer. Our team is ready to assist you in navigating this path, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and successful transformation.

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