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You already have a contract management solution… Why stop there?

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Courtney Finger
Senior Product Marketing Manager Conga
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You’re already a savvy business leader who’s taken a huge step towards your digital transformation by implementing a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. You’re reaping the rewards of digital bliss by cutting out slow, manual steps from the contract process and using the data stored in your CRM to automatically populate contracts, redline, and negotiate.  

Have you found that other departments in your company might be getting jealous of all the free time you have now that contracting processes aren't such a hassle? (Okay, okay we know you don’t have more free time than you did before, but at least now you’re not using it to manage your contracts manually.) 

But you don’t have to stop with contracts. There are many departments in your organization using different types of documents that can also get aboard the digital train and see increases in productivity... and even revenue.

What about proposals?

Let’s talk about proposals as one of the next documents to automate. It's critical that they are created quickly, on brand, and accurately. When you find a solution to better manage your proposals, your sales team will thank you.  

Today’s customers demand more, and you’re likely feeling the pressure to deliver a seamless and connected customer experience. Proposals are a great way to live up to customer expectations and delight your prospects, which directly encourages them to then become customers.  

Improve your proposal generation 

We all know the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The proposal you deliver to a potential customer defines their first impression of your company. 

The difference between winning and losing in today’s competitive business environment is your ability to quickly and effectively engage with prospective customers. Speed is the expected norm, and prospects won’t wait months, weeks, or even days for a response to their requests.  

They want near-instant answers, and they know the technology exists for you to give it to them. If you can’t do it, your competitors probably can. Prospects also expect accuracy, personalization, and content customized for their specific needs, business, industry, and use case. 

Using digital solutions for proposal generation not only gives you a leg up on your competition, but it also gives your sales team confidence that they can get an accurate, beautiful document to the prospect with the click of a button.  

Accelerate your business 

Having incorrect, off-brand proposals sent with old pricing and inaccurate data slows down business cycles and makes the prospect question whether they want to do business with you. Take the guesswork out of the process with Conga’s document automation solutions. You'll know that the document will be perfect every time. All your sellers will be sending consistent, up-to-date proposals, not something they saved on their desktop three years ago.  

You know who else will thank you? Sales operations. Without the constant worry that they need to check every proposal that goes out the door, or that someone is going to send out incorrect pricing that will later need to be fixed, this team will have confidence that if it’s correct in your CRM, it’s correct in the document. This means spending less time going back and forth and more time signing on the dotted line--for accelerated business cycles. When your sales team can generate accurate, engaging, perfectly formatted proposals in a few clicks, they have a lot more time on their hands to spend selling. 

Give your teams flexibility 

Effective proposals must give prospects everything they need and expect--on the first try. For your sales team to be effective, they need tools to easily and accurately generate proposals, deliver them quickly, and do it from anywhere. Sales can ensure proposals always contain relevant information to each prospect and customer. The appropriate content is selected based on the prospect’s individual business situation. By using logic-based rules for including or excluding content during the proposal creation process, the resulting documents contain the right messaging. And everything is always up-to-date and accurate. 

With document automation solutions, you’ll be up and running with very little ramp-up time, and almost immediately begin to reduce the delivery time of your documents. Not only that, but you’ll gain additional insights with notifications and document history to increase visibility. The end result? Quicker velocity, more intelligent processes, and more efficient business cycles.  

When you modernize your proposals, you’re taking another step on the road to integrating and transforming all your commercial operations processes. You’re taking the steps needed to create an efficient, streamlined business ready to meet the requirements of today’s prospect. Find out more here on how to get started.

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