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Win more deals, faster with perfect proposals

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Kelli Blystone
Social and Blog Manager Conga
Woman closing a deal with sales proposal

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, you can’t risk making a bad first impression with your prospective customers. And while most potential customers interact with your business at several points before actually receiving a sales proposal—like browsing your website, reading your blog, and meeting with sales reps—the proposal is the first customized deliverable you prepare with their specific company in mind.  

By the time a proposal is sent, both your reps and the prospect have invested time and energy into this potential deal, and the last thing you want is to lose the sale because your proposal was riddled with errors, or your reps were slow to respond. With the right proposal automation tools, your teams can ensure accuracy, close deals faster, and give potential customers a smooth, efficient experience along the way. 

Ensure accuracy in your proposals 

Inconsistent brand image, human error, and lack of visibility—these are the pain points sales teams experience when creating and sending proposals manually. It can seem like just 20 minutes here or 20 minutes there to send out a proposal, but this adds up quickly. Those 20 minutes become significant hours and days that your reps spend on inconsistent, unbranded proposals each year.  

With intelligent, cloud-based solutions that integrate with CRM systems, sales teams have better options than continuing with the clunky, manual processes of yesterday. Reps can set their templates in the solution, and push a button—automatically pulling in all the relevant information from the CRM to create accurate, branded proposals.  

Proposal solutions eliminate manual assembly, ensure reviews and approvals happen when needed, and shorten sales cycles. And with proposals now in the cloud, sales teams are enabled to build and deliver proposals at any time, from anywhere, on any device—and the same goes for customers and prospects interacting with the proposals. 

Win more deals while closing faster 

With a solution that helps teams automatically generate accurate proposals straight from their systems of record, it’s understandable that their sales cycles would shorten. For PatientPoint, Conga brought the document generation process directly into Salesforce as the “one record of truth,” helping them cut the time it took their teams to create and send proposal contracts from 30-45 minutes, to just three to five minutes. 

But it’s not just the quote or proposal generation features that play a part in that process. Once a branded, accurate proposal is sent off to a prospect, wouldn’t it be nice to have visibility into how and when that prospect interacts with the document?   

Knowing when prospects engage with a proposal is an effective way to speed up the sales process which, in turn, creates a higher win rate. Reps are given the advantage of being able to initiate a timely conversation to provide additional information once they know the prospect has viewed the proposal. With an intelligent proposal solution, teams are automatically alerted when their prospect interacts with the proposal, providing reps with the visibility to track and view engagement, no matter where they are or what time it is. With this insight, reps can focus on pushing the right products at the right price to the right person—and maximize revenue on each opportunity. Plus, with a single data model for storage, reps have one place to search for the status of each opportunity, rather than sifting through emails to track down each conversation with every potential customer. 

In today’s fiercely competitive sales landscape, a fast turnaround might make the difference between a win and a loss. The opportunity to know how and when prospects dig into sales proposals could be the advantage an organization needs to become a leader.  

Provide a better customer experience 

Faster sales cycles and reduced admin work are great benefits to implementing a proposal solution, but at the end of the day, we all want to ensure we’re providing the best customer experience possible, for customers and prospects.  

Instead of filling proposals with generic information and statements pulled from old templates and the company’s website, reps can ensure the proposal speaks directly to each prospect, highlighting their challenges and offering solutions for their specific needs. 

T-Mobile discovered that with Conga, their reps can create clear, beautiful sales promotions more easily than ever before. Sales reps can select from a menu of special offers without leaving Salesforce to automatically generate and create the proposal. Their reps were able to get the products that solved each customer’s specific needs, at the right price, sent directly to the right person with a click of a button. Then, via automation, the document arrives to the customer in one easy-to-use format. Using Conga, T-Mobile saw a 25% increase in user adoption. 

Go beyond proposals with an end-to-end solution 

While Conga can certainly help improve the proposal process, organizations are winning across the board by transforming with the entire Conga suite of solutions.  

PatientPoint didn’t stop with just generating their documents with Conga, either. They implemented Conga’s forecast intelligence and eSignature capabilities to create an end-to-end process that saves them money, time, and energy. They were able to connect their internal teams, eliminate silos and truly connect their customer journey.  

“After implementing Conga, we essentially had an end-to-end process in Salesforce that didn’t exist before,” said Leslie Carrigan, VP, Enterprise Digital and Business Transformation at PatientPoint. “It was a disjointed process across a plethora of systems that didn’t talk to each other. But now, not even a year later, the impact on the business and the visibility that exists because we forced the end-to-end process into Salesforce is unreal.” 

We’ll meet you where you are today on your digital transformation journey. Whether you’re just getting started or optimizing for growth, we’ll help ensure you make a great first impression with your proposals, and help you plan for tomorrow with an end-to-end solution that maximizes revenue yield, streamlines the processes that can break down internal silos, and improves your customers’ experience.  

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