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New to the Conga Customer Community? Your Journey Begins Here!

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The Conga Customer Community is essential to your success, whether you're just getting started or inspiring others. At Conga, we often say, "All roads lead to Community" because this self-service portal includes everything you need to be strategic with Conga, from rich resources and peer-to-peer interactions to training and expert guides. As a community user, you'll unlock access to a breadth of content tailored to your product requirements. Explore below to see how to best engage with the Conga Customer Community. 

New to Conga?

Newcomers start here—where you'll kick off your Conga journey with a dynamic list of specific actions to take to get you started. You'll also discover ways to implement and install your Conga products, along with support resources and guides. 

Are you looking to network with peers? 

You’ve got questions; your peers have answers, tips, and experiences to share. Join a customer product user group to connect with peers in the industry, get real-time help, and learn best practices. What's better than finding answers to questions about your use case? Interacting with other users to explore their approaches, too!  

Customer Product User Group

Ready to ramp up your knowledge?  

You’ll want to know the ins and outs of your solution to maximize its value, and there’s no better way than to learn via the Conga Learning Center. There are limited free training options but consider taking a deeper dive by purchasing our subscription-based Conga Learning Pass or an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) session.  

Dreaming of the next new feature?  

If you’ve dreamed up a wish list feature request, submit your idea to enhance your Conga product experience and put on your entrepreneurial hat to shape the future of Conga’s product roadmap. Check out the first feature request to go live

Webinars and events 

With all these opportunities to learn, why not add expert-led webinars or an upcoming in-person event to the list? We’ve curated live sessions and virtual meetups to enhance your product knowledge. Explore our calendar of events and webinars to find the best session that supports your needs.  


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The Conga Insider Blog 

We want to inspire you by offering news, insights, and guidance about our products.  Stop by the community blog to read thought-leader advice and recommendations. You'll also find important updates and stay up to date on the latest developments. 

Support and search 

If you’ve come to the Conga Customer Community and you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, try our global search to hunt for answers. You’ll find knowledge-based articles, documentation, learning resources, FAQs, discussions, and more. If you just want to search knowledge articles or submit a support ticket, navigate to our support tab from the top menu. As always, if you need immediate assistance, our Customer Success team is readily available via the ‘Get help’ wizard at the bottom of every page. 

All roads lead to Community—so meet us there today!  

Whether new to the Conga Customer Community or a seasoned pro, you’ll never get lost in this valuable, self-service portal. The community map offers a path for everyone—beginners to experts—right under the get started tab in the navigation menu. Are you ready to offer insights and learn from your peers? Log in or register for an account now to embark on your Conga journey. We’re thrilled to see how much you inspire others!  

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