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3 ways to meet and knockout your sales quota

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Conga Team
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As a sales rep, there is always one thing lingering in the back of your mind…

How am I going to meet my sales quota?

Whether you’re stressing about meeting the numbers for the month, for the quarter, or for the year, ensuring that you are going to make quota is something that every sales representative is continuously working towards.

But meeting your sales quota doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Instead, approach it with the mindset of employing several key strategies that will ultimately help you reach your number.

With that being said, here are 3 ways to knockout your sales quota:

1. Be proactive – set daily goals and specific tasks before the work day begins

When you come into work, do you have a specific set of tasks that you are ready to conquer? Do you have a specific set of activities in mind that will directly help you accomplish what you want to be done for the day? Not having these simple goals and tasks on a daily basis can slow you down and hurt you in the long run.

Every morning (or better yet, the night before) set aside 10 minutes to write down the most important things that need to be completed for the day. This simple exercise may not seem like a big deal, but is truly effective. It could be making four follow-up calls, sending eight different emails, reminding yourself to bring up certain issues during a meeting or spending an hour or two for prospecting. It will prevent you from spending precious time on activities that don’t provide high-value.

2. Master the art of listening – even if you think you know it all already

Probably the most overlooked characteristic of a successful sales rep is his or her ability to listen to the customer and better understand their needs. Although you are armed with a significant amount of product and industry knowledge, your ultimate goal isn’t to sell, but solve a problem for a customer.

Mastering the art of listening during the sales process is an important skill and a powerful advantage over other sales reps who often dominate conversations and are blinded by the assumption that a prospect only wants to hear about your company or product. The more listening you do, the better. Talking too much is one of the many mistakes sales reps are guilty of, so set yourself a part and participate in active listening.

3. Be personable – remember, you’re selling to human beings

Studies have consistently shown that trust is the most influential factor in whether or not a customer will do business with you. People want to work with others that they trust and like, so being personal and likeable during your interactions with prospects and customers is a key component. The moment you view a customer as an individual, not as a deal, and you work to bring them value and help solve their problems, is the moment you will being to start crushing your quota.

Take the time to know your clients on a personal level – know what their interests are. Do they have a family? Do they like boxing? Do they enjoy a specific restaurant? Knowing these things can help you engage with prospects more effectively and enable you to build the ultimate factor in selling: trust.

As mentioned earlier, meeting your sales quota doesn’t have to be something you lose sleep about. Better prepare yourself for success and develop your personal strategies. Now that you have 3 powerful strategies under your wing, go out there and knockout your sales quota!

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