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How technology has changed the sales process

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Conga Team
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The way businesses engage and participate in selling in 2015 compared to ten or even five years ago has definitely evolved in many aspects. From prospecting, to negotiating, to closing deals, technology has influenced various stages in the sales process. Reps now are more accessible, responsive and efficient than ever before. Let’s take a look at how technology has changed the way businesses sell.

Targeted prospecting

Finding the right prospects for your products and services has never been more targeted. With tools such as LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator and Bizo, your sales team is able to find professionals in specific industries, companies, or job titles and provide highly personalized, highly targeted messaging. With this capability, your sales representatives can send a direct message to a qualified prospect – increasing the likelihood of them becoming an opportunity.

Faster quote and proposal turnaround times

When someone wants to buy your product or service, providing them with a quote and an accurate price should be the easy part. A solution such as configure price quote (CPQ) software can give your sales department the ability to configure complex quotes and product bundles that will not only meet potential customer needs, but also enable representatives to deliver a quote and a full proposal in a matter of minutes.

The ability to sign contracts anywhere

Getting contracts to be signed by another party can sometimes be a daunting thought – especially if the person who needs to sign the dotted line is halfway across the world. With eSignature functionality now a convenient option, professionals can sign an agreement on a tablet from the comfort of their own home. 

Productivity on the road with mobile

Today’s culture is fast-paced and we are constantly on the move, especially if you are a sales professional. Having solutions that are not only mobile-friendly, but responsive and robust enough to avoid disconnects from your laptop to your phone is as essential as ever. With today’s technology, sales representatives are able to create product configurations and send over a quote to a customer directly from their mobile device. Productivity doesn’t have to stop once you leave the office or shut down your computer, always keep your sales process in motion with mobile supported platforms that enable you to respond quickly and stay ahead of your competition.

More technology influences on business

Technology has also influenced the ways we engage with our customers. With new tools at your disposal, productivity and efficiency can now be a reality, and not just something on your wishlist. New technology in the sales process can now allow more time for reps to engage in a variety of shortcuts that can help lead to an increase in revenue - which is the ultimate goal, right?

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