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Driving Transformation Excellence: Meet the 2024 Conga Inspire Award Winners

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Transformation is not just about change; it's about evolution. It's about redefining processes, challenging norms, and achieving remarkable results. Today, we celebrate the winners of the 2024 Conga Inspire Awards in the Transformation category—organizations that have embraced change and leveraged Conga's solutions to drive impactful transformations in their operations. 


GE HealthCare 

GE Healthcare excels in precision care, providing diagnostic imaging, healthcare IT, and life sciences solutions to improve patient care. 

Conga Products: Conga CPQ, Conga CLM, and Conga Sign 

Their journey involved streamlining processes for efficiency and elevating integrations for both the sales team and customers. By retiring over 20 CPQ tools and implementing a unified, integrated system, GE HealthCare can now generate quotes encompassing all offerings in a single quote, leading to standardization, simplification, and an enhanced customer experience. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • CPQ Users: 8,000 individuals generating approximately 500,000 quotes annually. 
  • Orders: Approximately 100,000 bookings. 
  • Product Range: Over 8,000 products successfully being sold. 

These metrics reflect the success of GE HealthCare's transformation, demonstrating not only the scale of their operations but also the positive impact on their business. These successes include increased top-line growth and profit margins, showcased by larger average deal sizes and improved profitability. This strategic shift has positioned them for sustained growth and increased competitiveness in the market. 


Thomson Reuters 

Thomson Reuters provides trusted data and information for professional markets worldwide, focusing on Legal, Tax & Accounting, and News & Media sectors. 

Conga Products: Conga CPQ, Conga CLM, and Turbo Pricing 


Conga CPQ has consolidated multiple ordering systems into one enterprise process, enabling Thomson Reuters to deliver products to customers faster and with greater accuracy. Commercial simplification across the enterprise has also created a consistent experience for customers. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • Decreased costs of order management 
  • Increased accuracy of orders 
  • Automation of Opportunity and Order Management processes   

These achievements underscore Thomson Reuters' commitment to excellence and innovation, positioning them as leaders in their industry. 


Congratulations to GE HealthCare and Thomson Reuters for their extraordinary efforts as transformation champions. We celebrate these pioneers for their dedication and the remarkable impact they have made through their transformative initiatives. 


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