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Congapalooza: celebrating our talented team, and keeping culture alive

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Kelli Blystone
Social and Blog Manager Conga
Microphones in the spotlight on a stage

As we continue to work remotely, we have to find creative ways to connect with our fellow Conganeers. This week, we held our second Congapalooza—a talent show of sorts, where our team is able to showcase musical, artistic, and other abilities as we cheer each other on in the comments.

Inspired by the open mic nights held when we worked in our physical offices, Congapalooza is the next best thing while we're limited to virtual interactions. Watch the show below, or on the Conga YouTube channel. This recording features the outpouring of support from the Conganeers in the "live" audience!

Congapalooza II was produced by:

  • Bob Pinkerton – Host
  • Nick McCoy – Producer
  • Britta Stilwell – Project Manager
  • Clayton Light – Graphics

Support Congapalooza performers on other platforms

You can see more content from our talented performers in the links below:

Thanks to all of the participants in both the first and second Congapalooza productions!


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