World Water Works cuts time to generate proposals from hours to minutes with Conga 

Conga X-Author for Excel enables World Water Works to combine the power of Microsoft Excel with the accessibility of Salesforce
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World Water Works (WWW) is a leading global manufacturer of advanced process and waste water treatment technologies dedicated to yielding clean water, recovering energy, and achieving other resource recovery. WWW’s mission is to revitalize resources through transforming wastewater into valuable products through innovative technologies. 


Manual data entry was slowing down World Water Works' processes and leading to errors. Their data sheets were saved on individual computers, making them inaccessible to the organization as a whole. These issues created more challenges:

  • Manual data entry caused duplicates, delays, and data inaccuracies
  • Completed designs lived on individual computers, unavailable to others
  • Multiple templates led to project confusion
  • Unintuitive spreadsheet updates were required


Using Conga solutions as a user interface instead of relying on complex code, World Water Works eliminated manual data entry from Microsoft Excel into Salesforce. With Conga, World Water Works was also able to leverage Excel’s powerful functions in tandem with Salesforce price books to automatically generate pricing matrices for very complex systems, leading to a 50% decrease in proposal generation time. Conga’s X-Author for Excel resulted in more accurate data and removed the need for double entry or manual work.

Time and accuracy are critical to us, as even small errors in the design process can snowball into larger and irreversible errors down the line. With X-Author for Excel, our business users can use their existing complex spreadsheets to update our CRM directly, increasing our accuracy and eliminating all the manual work we had to do.

John Tessandori
Process Engineer
World Water Works

Business results

  • Reduced time to generate proposals from hours to minutes
  • Eliminated time required to complete Excel-based tasks
  • Improved data accuracy and eliminated manual processes
  • Allowed for administrative changes to be made easily in 20 minutes
  • Made the most up-to-date information accessible, regardless of version


Conga X-Author for Excel helps us skip the extra step of data entry, reducing the proposal generation time by more than 50%.

John Graf
Purchasing Manager
World Water Works

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