Conga Composer gives Spireon less to worry about, so they can spend more time building customer relationships

Spireon made the switch to Conga Composer, removing the chaos that once was
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Spireon understands the value of using software to transform their business. But the software they were using to streamline contracts for their automotive business, to create templates and eSignatures. 

But this particular application wasn’t working out the way Spireon had hoped. In fact, it was creating more problems.

“It was causing a lot of issues,” Spireon Senior Salesforce Admin Nickki Gibeaut said. “Reps were still doing manual work and manipulating it by uploading their own work to make it work.”

Sales reps would have to take data from Salesforce and re-enter it into the software, creating unnecessary steps. Gibeaut knew having reps in multiple applications that didn’t seamlessly integrate with Salesforce was problematic. It meant needing to create multiple manual templates, which drew out timelines.  Managing a Spireon contract could take a day or sometimes a week to manually change every field.

“It took away from us helping all our other teams, and focusing more on just the contracts,” Gibeaut said. “Life before Conga was chaos.”

Spireon needed one record of truth—a singular place to house all their customers’ information. Knowing how difficult change can be, Gibeaut searched for a solution that would be easy to implement and gain the buy-in from her team. 



Enter: Conga Composer.

“When Conga came into play, it’s been amazing,” Gibeaut said. “I can customize it to our business needs. Everything’s there, it’s in one spot, it’s very clean, it’s simple. It’s not a long process to make updates as it was before.”

With Composer, reps now never have to worry about leaving Salesforce. All their data and their customers’ information is in one spot, which removes a number of steps. 

It also means they have less to worry about, so they can spend more time building relationships with their customers and working with them to meet their needs, instead of focusing on the document itself.

This allows Gibeaut, along with sales reps, to focus on the bigger picture and projects to keep business moving, instead of spending days slogging through a backlog of contracts or manually updating templates.

“When it came to finding a solution that was going to work best for where our company wanted to go, It was kind of a no-brainer in order to move the company forward in that digital age and making life easier on our sales reps.”

The implementation time for Composer was simple, too. Within two months, they were up and running without any issues. This came as a bit of a surprise to Gibeaut, who has come to expect that any new system rollout brings some sort of hurdle. 

This didn’t happen with Composer. Once implemented, Gibeaut’s team high-fived and double-checked to make sure nothing went wrong. It was a relief, she said, that nothing did.

“We were really surprised to find out that the people we thought were not going to like it came back and ended up loving it,” Gibeaut said. “It’s really lit a fire in the company.”

Business outcomes

  • Contracts that once took a week now take an average of 10 minutes, or maybe an hour if it’s a little bit more involved.
  • Implementation time took two months, with little to no team pushback and no issues.
  • Sales reps now have the time free to foster relationships with their customers and focus on bigger projects, instead of manual contract management.

We brought in the Conga Composer solution in order to streamline our contracts for our automotive side of the business, making it less clicks on the sales reps, less that they have to be involved in on the contract side, and more about selling, working with the customer and moving forward.

Nickki Gibeaut
Senior Salesforce Admin

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