Oodle Car Finance generates essential documents instantly thanks to Conga Composer

With Conga, Oodle Car Finance automates and speeds up car loans.

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Launched in 2016, Oodle Car Finance provides a complete, end-to-end car buying experience, with personalized service and support. As a thriving business with a rapidly growing customer base, the company was producing increasingly large amounts of data and paperwork. As a result, its teams were spending more of their time and resources creating files and compiling documents. 

As its customer base continued to increase, Oodle Car Finance’s product and finance teams needed to ease the burden of manual tasks and streamline the loan application process. While Oodle Car Finance had been using Salesforce since the company started, a more bespoke approach was needed to ensure the best end-to-end experience for its customers and dealers. As such, a solution that would automate the document generation process was essential—especially as the company’s teams regularly communicate with customers and dealers.

“We not only required a solution that was compatible with Salesforce, but one that effectively accommodated our growth plans,” said James Nash, Product Owner, Oodle Car Finance. “We aspire to create an end-to-end experience for our customers. Naturally, we required a solution that was tailored to our systems and business needs.”


With Conga Composer, Oodle Car Finance can produce its essential documents instantly, with each unique template tailored to specific business and customer needs and successfully automated at the click of a button. This has significantly reduced the time to generate and process all of its common business documents.,

As merge fields come directly from Salesforce, staff can now create and populate documents faster, meaning they can respond to queries, send files, or communicate with customers and dealers with far quicker turnaround times. Oodle Car Finance was also able to create its own automation rules, which determine how and when Composer generates a document. When a certain field is updated in Salesforce, the system automatically generates the necessary documentation through Conga. One-off documents can be produced quickly, while high-frequency document types can be created automatically based on specific business needs or criteria.

“The templates we use are all bespoke, with the relevant fields neatly aligned and integrated with Salesforce,” Nash said. “However, by tailoring the automation rules, we can effectively generate communications how and when we need to. Conga customized this for us. They tailored their offering to meet our business needs.”

Business outcomes

With Conga Composer, Oodle Car Finance has successfully streamlined the loan application process, saving its staff both time and resources. “Once the customer takes out their loan with us, all of the documents that we generate through Conga are automated. It has proven so successful that we now use Conga to generate around 100,000 documents or letters every month. We've now generated over a million documents to date," Nash said.

Oodle Car Finance can now provide the necessary documentation for both customers and dealers as quickly as possible. “Document automation not only saves us valuable time, but ensures we can serve and reach more customers effectively. As a heavily regulated company, operating in an even more heavily regulated market, minimising the risk of human error is essential–we need to be able to provide specific or itemized details on a regular basis. Through document automation, we can ensure the customer gets the information they need as quickly as possible,” explained Nash.

“Not only are we quick to respond to the initial loan request and to any queries following that, but we can maintain a high level of accuracy in all of our responses and future correspondence,” added Nash.

Numerous departments have benefited greatly from the Conga solution, with customer service, complaints,  and loan management teams now able to easily generate those low-frequency documents that used to eat into their time. “In fact, our loan processing team are heavily reliant on Conga Composer. Now customer requests can be processed quickly, with all the necessary documents automatically produced and sent to the necessary customer and appropriate dealer. Our teams can notify all parties of any updates across the business cycle.” The solution can readily provide the relevant details or documents and continue to offer a seamless, end-to-end experience for customers.

“Conga provides the flexibility of document creation. Low-use or one-off documents can be quickly generated through Conga Composer, while high-use documents can be created automatically based on our own business criteria. Being able to have that flexibility helps to solve those day-to-day problems that we face as we grow significantly to help our customers and our dealers. By speeding up and essentially automating areas of our business, we can continue to provide the best end-to-end experience for our customers,” concluded Nash.

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