With Conga, Natterbox nixed a multi-platform process and move to one seamless solution

Natterbox saves time and money with Conga Composer and Conga Sign.

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Natterbox used Conga’s “invisible” solutions to streamline their document process


UK-based Natterbox offers a solution to one of the world’s most frustrating situations: the phone purgatory a customer finds themselves in when they’re boomeranged between an automated line to the wrong department or to a representative who doesn’t have their full information. Pioneered by a Salesforce Independent Software Vendor, the software helps its users get the most out of Salesforce.

While Natterbox makes the process of getting through by phone easier, they weren’t as streamlined with their document process. They were using a mishmash of two or three different systems to create proposals to send to both prospective and existing customers, and then another for eSignature.

And this was not a simple feat. Natterbox’s sales orders are rich and precise, and required a lot of attention as a result.


By implementing Conga Composer and Conga Sign, Natterbox was able to nix their multi-platform process and move to one seamless solution. Now, Natterbox’s detailed sales orders and quotes are sent straight from Salesforce into an incredibly meticulous template with Composer and then off to the customer for an eSignature with Sign. This entire multi-step process is invisible to Natterbox’s customer, so the only thing they need to think about is buying.

Natterbox had just a month to implement Sign and replace their existing system, but they didn’t need it. Within two weeks, Sign was up and running, with very little internal training needed. Natterbox’s sales team is now able to send out their documentation quickly and easily across a consistent yet flexible, modern-looking interface.


Business outcomes

  • Cost savings. Conga’s solutions are less expensive than other available options.
  • Ability to produce complex, rich documents with ease.
  • Conga is quick to implement, and intuitive to use, with minimal user training required.

“When implementing any document management system, think about the power of what it can actually give you. It's not just sending a document or creating a document for signature. It's actually making that process easy, making it invisible to users.”

Adrian Evans
Chief Operating Officer

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