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Automated contract negotiation

Leverage technology that integrates with existing workflows, minimizing risk and increasing productivity

Real-time redlining with Microsoft 

Securely comment and redline agreements simultaneously with internal and external parties, shortening contract cycle times and tracking all changes all with Conga’s Office 365 integration. 

Work together with Conga and Slack

Conga brings the contracting process directly to where users spend the majority of their time, Slack. This powerful combination creates a seamless and collaborative environment, facilitating contract authoring, review, and negotiation. Teams can work together transparently, efficiently moving contracts from ideation to signature. This integration enhances productivity and expedites the entire contract lifecycle, ensuring that deals are closed swiftly and effectively. 

CLM Implementation Guide

Bringing a CLM tool into any business is a huge undertaking -- knowing where to start in this process can be the hardest part. As you plan for your CLM implementation, use this guide as a resource for your team to align on and ensure success.  

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Collaboration in the contracting process

Collaborative efforts between teams lead to problem-solving, knowledge sharing, and ultimately resulting in improved revenue. Implementing a CLM tool allows for streamlined processes, increased visibility, and real-time collaboration, leading to faster approvals, quicker contract processing, and better planning and forecasting. 

Get a demo of Conga CLM

Conga CLM can manage the complexity of enterprise-wide contract lifecycles by standardizing your contracts and processes, giving you the control and capabilities you need to empower your business.  


  • What is contract negotiation?

    Contract negotiation is the process by which two or more parties reach an agreement about the legally binding terms of a contract. 

  • What are the stages of contract negotiation?

    The stages of contract negotiation include drafting the contract document; internal review and approval of the contract document; redlining, negotiation, and contract revision; and final agreement and contract execution. 

  • What are the advantages of contract negotiation software?

    Contract negotiation software can ease many common pain points of contract management, such as inefficient manual processes, ineffective cross-team collaboration, information silos, lack of visibility, and inconsistent legal language. 

  • What are Conga Contract integrations?

    Working in widely used tools like Microsoft Word, Office 365, and Slack to Conga can improve collaboration and contract negotiations.  Conga can also bring the convenience of using a web browser as well. 

  • Why do Conga Contract integrations matter?

    Work where you are most comfortable and experienced, leveraging the tools you use every day for your contracting process. This familiarity offers very little learning curve for users and high adoption from the start.

  • How do you successfully negotiate a contract?

    Effective contract negotiation requires each party to clearly understand their key objectives and identify common ground to ensure the contract terms are fair and beneficial to all parties.  

  • How do I negotiate a contract with Conga?

    Conga CLM includes powerful functionality to streamline negotiation, so contract parties can collaborate in real time, securely comment and redline agreements, track changes throughout the negotiation, and reconcile feedback from multiple sources. 

  • How do I automate contract negotiation?

    Automating contract negotiations is simple with a robust contract lifecycle management solution like Conga CLM.