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We see predictable revenue in your future 

Create predictable, sustainable revenue by streamlining processes, and helping sales teams work more effectively with Conga CPQ.

Data-driven pricing to drive predictable revenue 

When you have the right data for a predictive revenue framework, you can better understand historical deals, identify your margin sweet spot, and optimize your pricing strategy to create better pipeline predictability.  

Improve revenue operations with CPQ

Faster sales cycles 

By automating the sales process, Conga helps businesses reduce the time it takes to generate quotes and close deals. This can help businesses predict their revenue streams more accurately.

Accurate pricing

Accurate pricing can help businesses avoid revenue leakage, which can lead to more predictable revenue streams. The average business sees 3-5% revenue leakage—what does 3% mean for your business?  

Improved forecasting 

Start surfacing the characteristics of historically successful deals, position complementary products, and optimize discount levels with recommendations to maximize revenue, margin, or both.

Join others who have discovered more predictable revenue with Conga CPQ 

See how Conga CPQ is transforming revenue lifecycle management 

Support revenue growth

Conga CPQ drives more profitable sales through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity. Configure solutions, discounting, bundling, promotions, and more—ultimately leading to bigger deals and higher win rates.

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Conga Revenue Lifecycle Wheel and Data

Automate the revenue lifecycle

Eliminate manual processes and drive better selling behaviors throughout your revenue lifecycle. Generate pricing for quotes, proposals, invoices, and renewals faster and more accurately, relieving your team from time-consuming manual work.

Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) with ease 

Transform your revenue lifecycle processes to provide a seamless buying experience for customers and more predictable revenue for your business. See Conga CPQ in action.