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Accelerate pharmaceutical success with Conga CLM

Steamlining processes to deliver faster, earlier, access to your life-changing treatments

Meds to market—streamlined. 

The journey to bring a treatment to market is long and filled with risk. That's why leading pharmaceutical companies trust Conga to optimize their contract operations. Our platform supports the unique requirements of your key functional groups. Streamline clinical trials, negotiate critical supply, and develop market access constructs with ease.

Conga contract lifecycle management case report

15 of the top 20

Pharmaceutical companies trust Conga to get their medications to market.

20% faster clinical trials

Streamline your clinical trial contracting and budgeting processes.

42% faster contract processing

Optimize clinical, supply, and market access contract operations.

Slashed admin costs

1/3 of US healthcare costs are spent on administration. Conga slashes that.

What makes us the trusted CLM platform in pharmaceuticals

Robust negotiation capabilities

Multi-party real-time review with in-line tagging. Insert clauses, reconcile changes, and invoke approvals.

Clause-level reporting

Improve risk management with enhanced visibility and informed decision-making.

Central, secure contract repository

All pharma-specific agreement types and agreement hierarchies in one central location.

Contract intelligence to move fast

Make sense of third-party paper and move faster with Conga Contract Intelligence.

Contract management for biopharma 

Contract management for biopharma 

Highly regulated operations run on contracts—and creating effective processes are essential to success. With Conga CLM, organizations can automate the contract lifecycle, drive business agility, improve visibility, and achieve compliance.

From healthcare data to patient outcomes 

Improve outcomes for patients with more efficient access to holistic data. See how Conga and Salesforce focus on patient-centric digital solutions that improve the overall workflow of healthcare companies.

Boost timeline and efficiency of clinical trials

Conga gives biopharma manufacturers a head start with each phase of project implementation by designing the data model, flows, and building blocks associated with clinical trial budget management and contracting.

Don’t just take our word for it

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See for yourself why Conga CLM is the trusted solution for pharmaceutical companies and start streamlining processes for faster access to life-changing medication.