Taking the pulse of the state of Digital Document Transformation

Kelli Blystone

June 26, 2019
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely come across one of the business world’s trendiest buzzwords: Digital Transformation (DX). But it’s not just a buzzword—it’s a movement, a force that’s permeating industries across the board as businesses work to keep up with evolving technology and a shift in consumer expectations. In fact, IDC predicts that 40 percent of all technology spending will go toward digital transformations this year.

Rather than a one-and-done change, DX is an ongoing shift. Organizations must find layers and channels they can digitally transform to start and continue to progress in their transformation, in order to remain competitive and reap some of the substantial benefits. It’s an iterative process that’s built over time on a foundation of solid technology projects that build on each other to create a greater effect than the sum of the parts. 

So where should you start? With an ongoing process like DX, it can be tough to choose a place to start your transformation. We say, start with your documents. We know documents drive business, and when they’re not handled effectively they can slow progress, or even halt transformation altogether. Outdated processes can slow productivity, especially if they’re filled with manual tasks. 

But it’s not just efficiency that’s at stake—there are risks associated with manual processes and paper documents, like audits, missing contract clauses, and even lawsuits. Plus, your documents are full of critical data that’s often not accessible, especially if you’re still working with paper documents or outdated systems. Access to that data could provide insights into your business that could drive growth and change.

When productivity, security, and analytics stand to improve when you focus on documents as the first step in your Digital Transformation, we say it’s a no brainer. But what are other businesses saying? We carried out a series of surveys to take the pulse of those who are embracing Digital Transformation, to find out the role Digital Document Transformation (DDX) is playing in that process. We analyzed the responses to offer insight into how and why companies are engaging in DDX, what the elements of a successful transformation project are, and how those engaging in the process are measuring success along the way.

To get a true cross-section of responses and paint a broad picture of the state of Digital Document Transformation, we gathered information from 201 survey takers, from companies of every size, within multiple industries, and across several geographical regions.  

You can see all of our findings by downloading our Digital Document Transformation pulse survey. Get the benchmark for how and where transformation is happening, and how your organization measures up to leaders in the space. 

Conga's Digital Document Transformation pulse survey

The benchmark on where and how transformation is happening.

Kelli Blystone

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