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October 30, 2017

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The power of the AppExchange The AppExchange is the cornerstone of the Salesforce community, the marketplace where new apps go to prove themselves and find their users, and where Salesforce users go to find which of +4,000 solutions they need to help them tailor and refine the power of the world’s #1 CRM. Using the AppExchange, companies are empowered to boost productivity, get more done and drive growth. As one of the pioneers on the AppExchange, we at Conga truly appreciate the importance of the community that has been created via that marketplace. We’ve been there since the very beginning, debuting Conga Composer more than a decade ago. Since then, we’ve become a Platinum ISV Partner and added Conga Contracts, Conga ActionGrid, and Conga Courier. It’s an honor to be part of the AppExchange community, and there's no question that we’re part of something big. The influence of the customers, partners, and developers that all make up the Salesforce ecosystem is truly breathtaking:

  • 87% of Salesforce users and 89% of the Fortune 100 are using AppExchange apps.
  • IDC predicts that Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners and customers will generate $859 billion in new business revenues and 3.3 million new jobs worldwide by 2022.
  • Last year, IDC forecast that the Salesforce Ecosystem would result in $389 billion in new revenues and 1.9 million jobs by 2020.
  • The Salesforce partner ecosystem is predicted to gain $5.18 for every dollar Salesforce makes by 2022.[i]

  Introducing the new AppExchange As the leading enterprise cloud marketplace in the world, the time had come for the AppExchange to evolve into something more than an app directory. Salesforce has taken the steps to make that happen, evolving its interface to improve the user experience and extend its functionality. Key developments include:

Personalized recommendations: Visit the AppExchange and you will now receive recommendations based on your function, location, install history, site activity, profile data, and edition. Trailhead learning: This feature provides you with access to embedded learning content throughout the AppExchange that can help you learn best practices, acquire new skills, and discover solutions. Find the apps you need more easily: Find what you need with intelligent search capabilities. Explore apps by popularity, collection, or category on the App category pages. You can also search app collections by product or industry, for solutions that target specific verticals. Lightning Bolts and Data: With Lightning Bolts, users gain access to out-of-the-box solutions that contain industry process flows, Lightning Components and Communities — all integrated with Salesforce. Customers can tap into customized solutions powered by multiple partners that operate across several industries. Lightning Data gives customers access to data-driven insights via enriched customer profiles that integrate with third-party data sources. Data can also help improve sales and marketing processes with features like segmentation, targeting, scoring, and prioritization that’s specific to each business.

In the words of Heather Conklin, vice president of product management at Salesforce, “We’re really anchoring this [new AppExchange] around the idea of being the Salesforce store—the store you need for everything that you do with Salesforce. It’s not just about apps anymore; it’s really so much bigger than that.”[ii] See this infographic from Salesforce for a quick glimpse of the features of the new AppExchange. You can find out more about Conga’s solutions and check out our 5-star review listings on the new AppExchange: see Conga Contracts, Conga Composer, and Conga ActionGrid. [i] Destination, “ Announces a New AppExchange,” [ii] Cision PR Newswire, “Salesforce Launches New AppExchange – A Faster and Smarter Way to Tap into the Power of the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem,”  


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