We’re proud to announce Conga Sign: Modern eSignature built for Salesforce


February 13, 2018

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Conga Sign -- a quick, easy way to execute documents in Salesforce

We’re proud to announce our latest product, Conga Sign! Built for Salesforce, Conga Sign is the key to fast, secure, and easy document execution. Getting documents signed is mission critical to any organization. Relationships, agreements, and contracts need to be formally or legally acknowledged by all parties involved, and more and more business documents are requiring a signature for execution. Yet it’s rare that you are standing next to the third party in a contract, signing the same document at the same time, and handing each other a copy across the table. The way business is done has evolved significantly, and more often than not, you will never meet the other signer face-to-face. Commerce is digitized, globalized, and moves faster than ever. There is a demand for quick and painless processes to meet high customer expectations and keep employees working on tasks that add value to the organization and the bottom line. If the signature process is still paper-based, it creates some very real problems and slows down the pace of business. Electronic signature is the solution to the drag of getting paper documents signed, and now you can sign any document in Salesforce with Conga Sign. Create, negotiate and send contracts for signature seamlessly with a single, trusted partner. Your customers will love the ease of our solution and the convenience of signing anywhere. And our 5-star rated support is on call to help you whenever needed. Getting documents signed has never been easier. Click here to learn more about Conga Sign to enhance your contract management operations, register for one of our webinars and more.


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