Conga announces the launch of Conga Contracts to streamline the contract process in Salesforce


April 20, 2017

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Have you seen the news? Conga Contracts is here!

We are excited to announce the release of Conga Contracts, a new solution on the Salesforce platform to help sales teams move through the contract process more quickly and easily. Conga Contracts targets contract processes like creation, negotiation, management and analysis. Our aim is to put the sales team in the driver’s seat so they can create contracts and negotiate changes collaboratively, while keeping controls set by legal in place. Sales reps also will be able to monitor contracts as they move through the cycle and speed up the contract negotiation process. Our new solution will make it a breeze for sales and legal to work together to get deals closed. Legal can use Conga Contracts to establish different contract types, like master services agreements, non-disclosures agreements, and other standard terms and conditions. They can also set up alternative versions of approved legal language for sales reps to draw on in the Conga Contracts clause library or in the Salesforce CPQ term library. Reps will be able to choose a group of related clauses to use in a contract and modify contracts within parameters set up by the legal team. We have no doubt that this will lead to smoother negotiations, faster sales and happier customers. “Conga Contracts provides an answer we’ve been looking for to improve our contract negotiation process. Process cycle time reduction, in the medical device industry, means our customers can serve their patients sooner and frees up precious time for clinicians and hospital administrators,” said Suzan O’Leary, Project Manager at Abiomed, Inc. “Having been among the first to see Conga Contracts in action, we are excited to lead the way for our customers in creating a faster, better sales experience while reducing risk and simplifying negotiations.” And it gets better. More than one edition is available, so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs. The first two editions of Conga Contracts are: the Negotiator Edition, a streamlined solution for redlining and data reconciliation; and, the Business CLM Edition, which includes all the functionality of Negotiator plus additional CLM features, like a native Clause Library, Clause Bundles, Contract Progress Tracking, and Contract Families. Both editions are designed to integrate with Conga Composer and Salesforce CPQ, as part of the Salesforce Quote-to-Cash product set. To learn more about Conga Contracts, click here or call us at 303.465.1616.


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