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Conga CPQ or Salesforce CPQ: which CPQ solution is right for you? 

See the key differences between Conga CPQ and Salesforce CPQ to choose the best software for your business needs.

Trusted by organizations to solve their most complex business needs

Salesforce CPQ has undoubtedly been a popular point solution to enhance CRMs—not to support complex selling. But CPQ plays a critical role in the revenue lifecycle and needs to be built to support the larger revenue processes within a business. To elevate your entire revenue lifecycle, look beyond pricing and quoting point systems and look to Conga—the most comprehensive revenue lifecycle management solution on the market. 

Go beyond Salesforce CPQ
Confidently configure orders faster with the most scalable CPQ solution in the market. Enable your teams to configure, price, discount, collaborate, and more to provide complex proposals, contracts, renewals, and other critical documents to win the deal. 

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Support revenue growth

Conga CPQ drives more profitable sales through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity. Configure solutions, discounting, bundling, promotions, and more—ultimately leading to bigger deals and higher win rates.

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Automate the revenue lifecycle

Eliminate manual processes and drive better selling behaviors throughout your revenue lifecycle. Generate pricing for quotes, proposals, invoices, and renewals faster and more accurately, relieving your team from time-consuming manual work.

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We’ll analyze your revenue lifecycle to understand your data complexities and existing processes. Then we can determine how CPQ fits into your path to revenue lifecycle management success.

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