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Transform your revenue lifecycle with Conga CPQ 

Conga CPQ drives larger, more profitable orders through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity.

Facets and features

Conga CPQ empowers sales, partners, and customers to efficiently configure complex product and service offerings. It provides personalized prices and quotes utilizing codified product and pricing information, ensuring higher win rates and a more pleasurable buying experience.   

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Product selectionComplex product configurationPricing and promotion optimizationSubscription management 

Product selection

Quickly search for desired products or services based on features and options—or, be guided to the correct product through pre-defined questions that direct the user.   

  • Product Search  
    • Conga CPQ allows multiple ways to search for a product. Select products by using the Browse Catalog list, browse, search bar, or by category to list products based on pre-defined entitlements. 
    • This feature improves your customers’ buying experience by quickly finding the right product configuration. 
  • Solution Selling 
    • All types of offerings can be combined into a single quote—hardware products, software products, services, and subscriptions can be configured and sold in the same order. 
    • This feature improves the customer’s buying experience and increases deal sizes by adding additional services. 
  • Product Comparison 
    • Product comparison allows you to compare features of multiple products on the catalog page, enabling you to narrow down to products that best fit your needs. 
    • This feature helps users determine the exact product based on their needs. 
  • Asset-based Ordering 
    • Asset-based ordering allows you to order items that have been purchased and configured in the past. 
    • This feature helps save time searching the catalog for items that have been previously purchased and ensures the correct product is being purchased again. 
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Complex product configuration

Conga CPQ provides a robust set of capabilities for product configuration that leaves no configuration concept out—every rule-based configuration idea you can think of is supported. 

Conga CPQ product interface
  • Configuration Validation 
    • Conga CPQ provides real-time validation based on defined rules, including what is already in the cart or purchased in the past by the customer, ensuring all components and services are valid. 
    • Proper configuration saves time and eliminates frustrating back and forth with customers to create a valid configuration.   
  • Recommendations 
    • Conga CPQ provides recommendations for additional products or services based on the item being configured. 
    • Increase the size of deals by offering additional product or service recommendations based on purchased products. 
  • Dynamic Questionnaire 
    • Conga CPQ enables the creation of dynamic questions that walk the customer through the process of determining the correct solution to buy every time. 
    • Many customers know what they need, but not what the proper configuration should be. Conga CPQ provides a richer buying experience. 
  • Product Rules 
    • Conga CPQ helps you manage the sale of certain products like those that can’t be sold together or in certain regions and products that must be sold together. 
    • There’s nothing more damaging to a customer’s experience than selling them the wrong product configuration. 

Pricing and promotion optimization

Utilizing a sophisticated pricing engine, users can define multiple price types (one-time, recurring, cancellation, etc.) for any product.   

  • Price Optimization 
    • A robust pricing engine provides dimensional or formula pricing that can be defined based on quantity, customer rating, region, etc. Pricing discounts can be tailored to company goals and can suggest discounting to meet them. 
    • Pricing is critical to winning new deals and there must be flexibility to support an organization’s pricing strategy. 
  • Promotions  
    • Conga CPQ provides the ability to react to market conditions by creating B2C-like promotional offerings that drive increased sales.   
    • This feature adds to the flexibility of the Conga CPQ offering with the ability to influence a buyer’s decision. 
  • Price Transparency 
    • Price transparency helps users see the overall pricing of an item and the effects on margin. 
    • It's often difficult to determine how a final price was calculated when multiple discounts are applied—this feature ensures margins are still being met. 
  • Pricing Guidance 
    • Pricing guidance provides a visual indicator on whether a pricing discount falls into company policy, or outside the norm, and will trigger an approval. 
    • This feature allows users to quickly see if a discount is too high before there is a delay.  
  • Approvals  
    • Conga Approvals enables users to set up and manage approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, contract terms, agreement clauses, and more. 
    • Increase productivity for both submitters and approvers without sacrificing accuracy and enable faster quoting processes.   
Conga CPQ product interface

Subscription management 

Manage subscription sales the way customers want with automated renewal management and the flexibility to adjust subscriptions based on customer preferences. 

Conga CPQ product interface
  • Subscription Orders 
    • With a single view of purchased subscriptions, easily adjust orders and subscriptions through any channel to renew, terminate, co-terminate, swap, or change existing assets. 
    • Automate the process of keeping subscriptions in sync when changes are made—for proper billing and to improve customer retention. 
  • Renewal Management 
    • Conga Renewal Management auto-creates opportunities, quotes, and finalized carts upon renewal date based on order activation or a certain lead time. 
    • This feature greatly improves the efficiency of renewing subscriptions and increases customer retention. 
  • Single Billing 
    • Conga CPQ provides a single bill for a blend of one-time product sales and subscription service business models. 
    • This feature allows for more flexibility, improving the customer’s experience by providing a single invoice for all items and services purchased. 

See how teams use Conga CPQ

    • Conga CPQ for sales

      Conga CPQ automates the process of selling various product and service configurations by applying guardrails that help the user configure the ideal solution every time, providing a better buying experience for both the buyer and the seller regardless of the selling channel.   

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    • Conga CPQ for IT

      With an API-first approach and a single data model, Conga CPQ supports the entire revenue lifecycle. With Conga CPQ and Conga CLM, the entire revenue lifecycle of order, billing, and revenue is supported, using the same data set. There is no risk for out-of-sync data between applications. 

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See how Conga CPQ can help your team

Conga CPQ drives more profitable sales through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity.