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Conga vs Icertis: Which CLM solution is superior?  

See the difference between Conga and Icertis to choose the best contract management and intelligence software for your business needs.

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Conga CLM is a robust, scalable contract lifecycle management solution that can be configured to automate even the most complex contracting processes that span geographies, departments, and contract needs. It is equipped for end-to-end reinvention—from managing your clauses and templates all the way through to post-signature obligation management, reporting, and lifecycle actions. And, it takes efficiencies to the next level with up and downstream applications like CPQ, eSignature, and Billing that can share data.

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Save time and ensure precise data extraction precision

For contract data to be actionable and help mitigate risks, it must be accurate and aligned with business needs. AI and machine learning alone often fall short because every business is different. Conga’s attorney review saves valuable time, allowing you to skip the extraction review step without compromising quality.  

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Robust reporting capabilities and configurable dashboards

Easily configure unique dashboards by user or role. Leverage robust reporting capabilities, including out-of-the-box reports designed to provide a comprehensive view of contract-related data. Schedule and automate report delivery to meet your unique needs.  

Complete business process integration

Conga offers a full suite of industry-leading solutions to optimize your processes throughout the revenue lifecycle and increase customer lifetime value. Conga lets you seamlessly connect the data between your CPQ process and CLM, executing eSignatures to activate agreements, fulfilling obligations, and accurately billing. 

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Comprehensive collaboration that works where you work

Conga CLM supports parallel, multi-party, and sequential review in the app and via email. See real-time collaboration with in-line tagging, commenting, and negotiation using the power of Microsoft Office 365 and other collaboration tools like Slack, Salesforce Chatter, and Microsoft Teams. 

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Ready to eliminate manual, disjointed processes and gain clear visibility into all your contracts? Conga CLM is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution that delivers high-quality experiences. From request to amendment and renewal, Conga gives the right teams access at the right time to expedite cycles and pull out the important data points, putting robust reporting and analytics capabilities at your fingertips.

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