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Conga CLM vs other CLM tools

Which contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution is the best? See the differences between Conga, Ironclad, Icertis, and DocuSign CLM to choose the one that best fits your business.

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Conga CLM is a robust contract lifecycle management solution built to automate highly complex contracting processes that span geographies, departments, and contract needs. It is equipped for end-to-end reinvention—from managing your clauses and templates through post-signature obligation management, reporting, and lifecycle actions.  

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Collaboration that works where you work

Conga CLM supports parallel, multi-party, and sequential review in the app and via email. See real-time collaboration with in-line tagging, commenting, data and risk extraction review, and negotiation—all using the power of Microsoft Office 365 and other collaboration tools like Slack and Salesforce Chatter.

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AI and high-quality data to level-up efficiency

So, you’ve used AI to extract metadata from your contracts. Now, how do you ensure your data is high quality? Our AI Trainer allows you to review and train our AI for your business specific language but if you’d like a lawyer to take care of it for you, tap into an attorney in the loop service throughout the process, we’ll review and validate accuracy to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Unlike Icertis, Conga takes efficiencies to the next level with up and downstream applications like CPQ, eSignature, and Billing that can share data.

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Robust reporting and dashboards

Conga provides valuable insights across the entire revenue lifecycle. Easily configure unique dashboards by user or role. Leverage robust reporting capabilities, including out-of-the-box reports designed to provide a comprehensive view of contract-related data. With Conga, schedule and automate report delivery to meet your unique needs.

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Ready to eliminate manual, disjointed processes? Conga CLM is an end-to-end contract management solution that enables self-service contract creation, workflow automation, and high-quality experiences—from request to amendment to renewal.

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