Crush complexity. Deliver certainty. 

Conga drives predictable revenue by aligning processes, teams, and technology under a unified data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle. 

Simplify, then scale away

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud is a unified set of solutions built on Conga Platform. These purpose-built solutions crush complexity and deliver certainty for solving problems throughout the revenue lifecycle. Whether preparing proposals and quotes for prospects, negotiating, and executing a wide variety of contracts to close a deal, managing billing, invoicing, and fulfilling obligations, or renewing and expanding accounts, Conga manages these processes together to deliver growing customer lifetime value. 

Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Wheel - Simple

Propose & Quote 

Companies that used Conga’s solutions to standardize the revenue lifecycle saw a 25% improvement in win rates and a 25% jump in deal size.

Man using Conga Commercial Suite on laptop
25% win rate improvement
Man writing in notebook
32% compliance improvement

Negotiate & Execute

New Revenue Lifecycle Solution users saw a 32% increase in compliance and a 25% decrease in contract processing time. 

Manage & Fulfill

Companies that switched to the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Solution experienced 29% faster order processing and increased order-to-cash cycle time by 26%. 

29% faster order processing
Woman smiling
27% more revenue per contract

Renew & Expand

Revenue Lifecycle Solution users experienced increased renewal rates overall, with 27% more revenue per contract and a 23% jump in overall sales revenue. 

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