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Why you need to accelerate your contract experience.

60%-80% of B2B deals are governed by contracts, but 85% of companies are still using manual processes to manage those contracts. Your organization might be one of them. If it is, you know about how slow the contract cycle can be and the headaches that come with contract negotiations.

You may have experienced in the past the frustration of hunting for the latest version of the contract, or worse, sending redlines that you added to an out-of-date version. If you’re in sales, you’ve spent time tapping your foot waiting on feedback and approval from the legal team, fingers crossed that you can close this deal before end of quarter.

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  • Realize the status quo of sales contracting
  • Understand common pain points in your sales cycle
  • Address the challenges to accelerate your processes
  • Realize the ROI of sales contracting
  • Learn the secret to accelerating your contract experience​
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