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Outcomes-Based Contracts in Healthcare: How To Automate Every Step

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Today’s healthcare ecosystem requires accurate, efficient contract processes. Automate every step of your outcomes-based agreements with Conga CLM.

In this download, we'll cover:

Conga’s solution to the challenges and pain points in the healthcare ecosystem
Conga CLM features to help streamline your provider agreements
Real business results achieved by Conga CLM customers


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Outcomes-based agreements can increase market access to lifesaving treatments and medications, but an effective agreement requires a unique level of flexibility and highly specialized contract terms. Manual approval processes can be painstakingly slow, leading to lost opportunities. And paper-based contract management increases the risk of missed obligations and late payouts.  

Modern healthcare and life sciences companies rely on contract automation to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. Conga CLM is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution, built to streamline highly complex healthcare contracts and increase contract visibility. Download the data sheet to learn more.  

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