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LegalTech Publishing evaluates Conga contract solutions

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LegalTech Publishing’s Buyers Guide to Contract Automation and Management dives into the features, updates, and benefits of Conga CLM.

In this download, we'll cover:

How legal teams can manage contracts and streamline end-to-end processes with Conga’s intelligent automation
The latest innovations and roadmap for Conga’s contract management products
Top reasons to buy Conga’s contract solutions, including key functionality, integrations, and pricing models


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For years, contract management software has been an important asset for in-house counsel and legal operations teams. That’s even more true in today’s environment of remote work, as legal teams are expected to do more with fewer resources.  

In the Legal Operations: Contract, Automation, & Engagement Management Buyer’s Guide, LegalTech Publishing evaluates Conga’s contract management offerings and explains their value, capabilities, and key differentiators. The buyer’s guide also explores ideal use cases for CLM software in legal operations.