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Boost efficiency with faster, frictionless contract management

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Lose the friction over visibility and boost cross-team efficiency by operating in one system with automated processes, workflows, and approvals. 

In this download we’ll cover:

Today’s top challenges for legal teams
Streamlining and speeding up revenue cycles
How smoother contract processes can lead to more profitable business


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A collaborative environment where teams work cross-functionally is essential to operating a successful, sustainable business.

But while legal and sales both play an important role in driving business revenue, legal has additional topline priorities and processes that differ from, and can even hinder, sales. Specifically, legal has a duty to manage risk. And this can cause friction with sales that results in cumbersome contract processes, slower sales cycles, and missed revenue opportunities.

Learn how Conga’s suite of contract lifecycle management solutions alleviate friction by breaking down data silos, eliminating visibility gaps, and dramatically simplifying legal processes to speed up business operations and keep the revenue engine running.