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Digital future in financial services: a Salesforce admin’s guide 

55 min watch

Brad Brochocki and Adam Kruse of Conga talk the future of financial services with David Giller, Salesforce Enablement Leader @ Brainiate. They discuss why Salesforce professionals are switching to Conga Composer and how to implement the 80/20 rule effectively and leverage document automation for maximum efficiency in your Salesforce career. Watch the replay and learn how to automate your most time-consuming tasks securely so you can focus on driving business efficiency.  

In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover

  • The current digital trend in financial services and how it’s impacting firms 
  • What is document automation and how firms are leveraging it to drive operation efficiency 
  • Enhancing client experience by aligning automation strategies with customer-centric approaches 

To learn more about how the right document automation tool can help you take your Salesforce career to the next level, read our Ultimate guide to getting manager buy-in for document automation software.

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Presented By:

Adam Kruse Headshot
Adam Kruse
RVP of Sales Conga
Brad Brochocki headshot
Brad Brochocki
Sr. Product Marketing Manager Conga
David Giller headshot
David Giller
Salesforce Enablement Leader Brainiate